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Whizzy Wondersfor 3 - 15 months 3 - 15 months Mondays 11:15am The Old Frizzle SW19 1RQ Whizzy Wondersfor 3 - 15 months 3 - 15 months Tuesdays 11:00am The Mere Scribbler SW16 3PX Whizzy Wondersfor 3 - 15 months 3 - 15 months Thursdays 10:15am The Wheatsheaf SW17 7PG Whizzy Wondersfor 3 - 15 months 3 - 15 months Tuesdays 10:00am The Mere Scribbler SW16 3PX Whizzy Wondersfor 3 - 15 months 3 - 15 months Thursdays 11:15am The Wheatsheaf SW17 7PG


25 reviews
  • Rebecca Ann Smith on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 Attended with 3 month-old I have been going to Whizzy wonders almost every Week since my little girl was around 3 months old! Was always something to look forward to and my little girl always got excited even when we walked into the venue! We enjoyed many months with Heidi (who was covering for Steph while she was on maternity) and equally enjoyed it just as much with Steph. A wonderfully well run class with a lot of added mummy &baby bonding time included, something which I found very unique. We've loved every minute of the time we've spent at Whizzys and sad that now my baby girl is almost a year old our time of coming is running out! But very much looking forward to going to the toddler class in Balham!
  • Catherine Stals on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 I go to the Balham class with my baby boy and it's the highlight of our week. Heidi is a great teacher, so engaging and caring. There are many different activities and themes each week it's always interesting. Other classes tend to fall into the same old pattern. I've recommended the class to other mums who all love it too. Thank you!
  • Natasha Dempsey on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 Wonderful and inspiring sensory packed baby class with different activities from week to week to keep parents and babies entertained. Always a great choice of song for the dance, which is a lovely bonding time, and the light show is a big hit! Really great that it's on a pay as you go basis. Highly recommend for supporting your baby's global development and brilliant ideas to take home too!
  • Katie Green on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 A very exciting class for the little peeps! Brilliant songs and props for sensory development. Mrs Whizzy is great with the little ones, whilst also making it fun for mums/dads. The class really helped me learn how to play with my baby - this does sound silly but it is tricky to know what to do with your first child before they start interacting with you. I now have a whole host of nursery rhymes and songs up my sleeve, the confidence to entertain my bubba, and an activity outside the house to look forward to (invaluable whilst off work). Thanks Mrs Whizzy!
  • Stephanie Green on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 Attended with 9 month-old Stef's Whizzy wonder classes are fab!! Her classes are always fun filled and my 10 month old daughter is fascinated by all the lights and music. Each class is slightly different but always lots to do. My daughter loves it and we always look forward to the next class. She really encourages all the babies to take part and it's a great place to meet other mum's, the best babies class in town :) Thanks Stef
  • Leanne Ralton on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 We love Whizzy Wonders! Stef is so great with all the babies and each session is varied and creative, focusing on the different senses. I also think that the props Stef uses are really fun and interesting for the babies. I've learned some great ideas on how to entertain my little one at home too. Whizzy wonders is definitely a holistic sensory experience and my favourite baby class!
  • Deepti Patel on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 Attended with 6 month-old Being new to Kingston I decided to trial out various classes for my 7 month old and this is definitely one of my favourites. Stef's classes are well planned out, with lots of commitment to her theme. There are novel fun sensory props, and her training in child development shows. If you want to do just one class a week then this is the one.
  • Jiyi Khoo on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 Joined Whizzy 5 months ago, my boy absolutely loves our Monday sessions. What a great way to start the week ;) Stef is so amazing and patient with the babies. All activities are well-thought and fun! Thanks for being a big part of our lives!
  • Sophie Neumeister on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 Whizzy Wonders was one of our absolute favourite things to do when I was on maternity leave. My little boy loved all the lights and colours. The variation is brilliant and I used to look forward to seeing what Stef had dreamed up each week. Will miss these classes a lot now I'm back at work!
  • Louise Thompson on Facebook Mon 2nd Oct 2017 Have loved the last few weeks of Whizzy Wonders! Very interactive, and the light show at the end is a big fave with my little girl. Lots for her to get involved with and grab, which she loves!

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