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Hoop makes it easy to find and book kids activities from newborn to 11 years old.

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Hoop was launched in 2016 by a group of parents who felt that it was far too difficult to find things to do with their family.

Three and a bit years later, and Hoop is one of the UK’s most loved family apps; helping connecting children to organisers who help them laugh, learn and make new friends.

For grown-ups Hoop is an indispensable tool that takes all the hassle out of finding things to do with little ones. Our app and website are updated every day with over one hundred thousand different activities, complete with ratings, reviews, maps and more. Online booking and payment make securing your spot easier than it has ever been before.

Don't just take our word for it…

Evening StandardWiredAbsolutely Mama

‘I’m so grateful to have been recommended the Hoop app! It’s so fantastic and has made it easy for me to find so many events and classes that I wouldn’t have found otherwise! Love it.’

- MellowYellowMama

Indispensable - I love this app. As a new mum I am on it constantly. I’ve found so many groups and made some great friends. I recommend it to everyone with children

- Joni12684

‘I love this app. Everything I’ve been looking for in one app. Never get stuck for something to do with the kids’

- Jadedeex3

Parenting can be very challenging and finding things to entertain our little ones can be a tremendous challenge. This app makes it easier.

- DabzfromDabiela
Discover thousands of free activities
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How do you make money?

As well as helping families discover activities, we also provide a booking service that enables them to quickly reserve their spot. When there is a charge to attend, Hoop takes a small commission.

Booking on Hoop takes away the fear of being turned away on the door, the pain of getting money from the cashpoint and the uncertainty of bank transfers.

By booking on Hoop, you’re in safe hands.

So it's like a booking fee?

No. Hoop doesn’t charge families booking fees, instead we take our commission from the organiser which means the price you see on Hoop will be the same as the one on the door.

We believe it’s fairest to charge the organiser in return for introducing them to a new customer.

Amazing things happen when you get out of the house

Read more about our mission, and why amazing things really do happen when you get out of the house.

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