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Activities from birth to 12 years old
Used by over one million families throughout the UK
Lists over 10,000 activities at children’s centres and libraries
There is no advertising on the Hoop app
90% of Hoop users “do more as a family”
39% said their children have made new friends
1 in 6 activities on Hoop are free to attend

Free Resource Pack for Health Visitors

We’ve created a handy, free resource pack to help health visitors make the most of Hoop. Every day, Hoop helps thousands of new parents discover community activities and socialise with other parents locally.

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How does Hoop get its activity data?
The activities you’ll see on the Hoop app come from a mixture of three sources. They are either submitted by the activity organiser, by a family using Hoop, or aggregated by Hoop using our in-house technology.
Does Hoop include free activities?
Yes! In fact one in six of the activities on Hoop are free to attend.
Is there any advertising on the Hoop app?
No. Hoop is completely ad-free.
How does Hoop make money?
There is no advertising on Hoop, however we do take a small commission on any paid-for activities that are booked on the app or website.
Do you work with family information services?
Some FIS teams share their family programmes directly with Hoop for inclusion on the app and website. If you would like more information about this please email
What areas in the UK do you cover?
Hoop is available across all of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Can I list my activities on Hoop?
Does Hoop list breastfeeding drop-ins and other children’s centre activities?
Yes. In fact Hoop lists over 2,000 activities happening at Children’s Centres and Libraries across the UK.

Some of the organisations we work with

Bolton Council
Bromley Council
Eastleigh Borough Council
Islington Council
Leeds City Council
Nottingham City Council

I love Hoop especially as I am a new mum who doesn’t have other friends with babies. It helps getting me and my little one out.

by simicinni in the App Store

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