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Easily manage your activity timetable, quickly add new events and ensure our families always know what you’ve got to offer.

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“An empty class spot costs us money and Hoop have been just the remedy”

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“HOOP’s nationwide network of families has enabled us to reach more customers than ever before.”


“Thank you again as I am gaining new customers EVERY DAY! Your app is incredible.”

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Loved by 1,000,000 families

“Must-Have app for parents. Seriously, tell every parent you know.”

Loved by 1,000,000 families

“We do more because it's so much easier to find out what's on near us for very young kids.”

Loved by 1,000,000 families

“Opens up a world of children's things to do that I would have never known about!”

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Almost! You must offer activities for children between 0-11 years old and be able to provide complete information about dates, price, location etc. Sorry, we don’t list 1-2-1 tutorials, party providers or events that are just for parents!

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