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TinyTalk Newborns Workshop

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  • 5 March 2024
  • 13:3014:30
  • £45.00
  • Ages 0 – 0 years
  • Space for 12 children
  • Repeats weekly


Baby born in October, November or December? Join our 6 week course exploring baby's development by tapping into their early communication cues.
This workshop is a fascinating journey into your newborn baby’s world, introducing you both to the invaluable world of baby signing.
With gentle songs and rhymes, plus sensory activities perfectly tailored to babies 3 months and under (age adjusted for prem babies), the newborn workshop gives you tips and ideas to use at home to help soothe and settle your baby, deepen your bond, and support their development by tapping into their early communication cues and sensory receptiveness.
There's also chance for parents to share experiences and support each other through the challenges of the first few months, through our social and support time. Refreshments are provided while we discuss all those wonderful newborn moments and milestones. Chat to other new parents, or just sit quietly with your baby: no pressure!
Helpful handouts will be provided and access to supporting materials, as well as information on useful local services.
Due to the nature of the class, spaces are very limited so please get in touch to secure your place.
Cost- £45 per family, which includes 6 in-person sessions.
* We regret no older children are able to attend these sessions


  • Tesco
  • Community Space, Hythe Road
  • Ashford
  • Kent
  • TN24 0YE
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What families are saying

Hannah West
March 2018

I've tried all the baby classes going but Tinytalk was the only one where I felt I'd found my tribe! Deb makes the hour long class feel relaxed and fun, and we learn a handful of different signs each week through familiar songs to practice at home. And the baby signing does actually work. I've done the class with both of my children from 6 weeks old, my now 3 year old (who is quite advanced in communication for his age, which I put down to baby signing) can sign and understand the signs that my 1 year old does. My youngest can tell me when she wants milk, water, a book, sees a certain animal, wants a bath etc. As a bonus it is fantastic for when grandparents have looked after them as they can ask for things/point out things that the grandparents otherwise wouldn't have a clue what they wanted and would have ended in tantrums had it not been for a few easy hand signs. Overall Tinytalk class is my favourite day of the week, my happy place and gives me something to wash my hair for!

Sarah Farenden
March 2018

Such a great activity to do with your little one! There have been a number of occasions that I wonder what parents who haven't done baby sign with their babies do! My daughter has used signs to express her needs and interests since she was about 8 months old. It has been beyond valuable to have a glimpse as to what is going on in her world. Deb is truly great with the children, engaging them in learning through play and song. This is one of my daughter's favourite weekly activities that we do.

Leilah Harris
February 2018

Lovely welcoming group that gains such amazing confidence for little people. Time to learn and chat with follow mummies to.

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