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Fun, hands-on cooking classes for kids from 2 to 102! At The Kids’ Kitchen we want to show kids how much fun cooking can be and, by involving them in preparing and cooking their own meals, encourage them to try new foods.

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Preschool cooking classesfor 2 - 5 years 2 - 5 years Wednesdays 1:30pm Thursdays 9:30am Thursdays 1:30pm Fridays 9:30am Fridays 1:30pm The Kids' Kitchen N20 9JJ Sunday cooking classesfor 5 - 16 years 5 - 16 years 21st Jan - 25th Mar The Kids' Kitchen N20 9JJ


30 reviews
  • Hiba Najib Lee on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 Attended with 4 year-old, and 2 year-old My son started Kids Kitchen preschool classes when he was 2. At the time, he was a terribly fussy eater and wouldn't eat anything that wasn't plain rice, fish fingers or yoghurt... on good days I'd be lucky if he ate some yoghurt with home puréed fruit. I'd found out about the Kids Kitchen through a Facebook group (it was being recommended by several mums) and I signed him up. I was expecting cupcakes, cookies and other usual children friendly baking recipes; however The Kids Kitchen surprised me with not just the recipes, but the structure of the class too. Everything was vegetarian (with suggestions of what to substitute if anyone had allergies/intolerances) and Nicole was excellent at introducing the fruit/vegetable of the day to the children - getting them to smell, taste and cook with it and produce a food they were happy to eat at home. The recipes ranged from savoury (eg vegetable spring rolls) to healthy versions of sweet (eg sugar free crumbles) and to my delight my son ate them all at home. The class starts with the children learning good kitchen hygiene and practice by putting on aprons and washing their hands, before singing a song together to start the lesson off. During the lesson, Nicole made sure to teach the children safe ways of holding knives (she used child friendly ones), peeling and chopping items, using a food processor (with adult supervision of course), mixing, kneading, rolling etc... the kids would usually make a mess, but when the food was in the ovens, Nicole would encourage them to tidy up, handing them little pans and brushes to sweep up any mess. They would then wash their hands and sit on chairs around a table while Nicole would bring out something for them to taste (eg when we were focusing on prunes, she let them taste prune juice), hand out little certificates to the children for trying a new fruit/veg and then it was time for a short story. After the story, Nicole would take the items out of the ovens and the kids would pack them into little take away containers and walk away beaming. From the first lesson, I was shocked when Alex tried the new fruit (it was prunes, hence why I remembered the juice!) without a fuss! I felt encouraged that he would overcome his fussiness through these lessons and we continued for 2.5 years (until he started school). In that time, he grew into a boy who would willingly try everything before telling me if he liked it or not; he eats a much wider range of fruit and vegetables, loves cooking with me at home and I know it's because Kids Kitchen was able to make him view food in a fun, interactive way... I signed my daughter up as soon as she turned 2! Even if your child is already an excellent eater, the cooking skills gained will serve them well in life! Thank you Nicole
  • Victoria Lovejoy on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 Attended with 8 year-old My 8 year old's current bedtime reading is 30 Minute Meals and Food Revolution??!!! Keen to encourage his emerging interest in cooking, I rushed online and found Nicole's classes. Both he and his little sister attended Sunday's 'Hedwig the Owl' cake decorating class. As soon as we jumped in the car to head home he declared he 'really wants to go to the next one'. We covered and saved their fantastic creations to share with their chums at our Halloween party. They were delicious and an absolute hit. These classes have given my kids the flush of confidence they need as budding chefs. So lovely to see them branching out with a new interest. Thanks Nicole! Highly recommended!
  • Venetia Maris Francesca Constantine on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 My daughter had a wonderful morning at the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" session. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and was so excited about and proud of her creations (which also tasted delicious)! As an added bonus, they cooked with hidden healthy ingredients and my daughter tried a range of new foods (amazing as she's such a fussy eater). We'll definitely be back
  • Andee Cohen on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 Ruby had a fabulous time making her ‘Graveyard Cake’! It looked amazing and tasted pretty good too! She had so much fun putting all the elements together to make the cake. She can’t wait for Xmas holidays now!! What do you have in store??
  • Priyanka Khastgir on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 Evelina loved the little rhubarb crumbles that we made for the last class and we gobbled it all up. Even the taxi driver who dropped us home wanted to try some! :) There was none left for her father by the time he was back from work. We both look foward to the classes every week.Thank you, Nicole :)
  • Lucy Holt on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 Attended with 9 year-old Sent in my 9 year old son and his friend. They had a ball, and would have run back in to the afternoon session given half a chance!! They sang all the way back in the car, so so happy, told me all about what they had done, and the foods they had eaten and were telling me all the recipes. Football / Xbox was not part of the conversation. Amazing! On the way there "What are we having for lunch mum?" "Pesto pasta" " I hate that (with screams)". On the way back, "Mum we had the most amazing Pesto pasta for lunch" etc.... Absolute genius!!!!
  • Elizabeth Rosenzweig on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 Attended with 6 year-old My 6 year old son attended one of Nicole's Easter holiday classes and loved it. He can be quite a fussy eater but after enjoying preparing the ingredients and baking the wonderful bread, cakes and other goodies, he was happy to try it all in Nicole's class! She is fantastic at what she does and so creative with her ingredients. He is looking forward to another holiday class soon!
  • Anna Binstock on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 Great course for kids. The space theme is wonderful for encouraging their imagination and a delight for their taste buds!
  • Susanna Pinkus on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 We absolutely love Nicole's classes and the food always tastes delicious. My boys and I love seeing all the clever ideas come to life in the kitchen!
  • Suzanne Rolfe on Facebook Mon 4th Dec 2017 I love this cooking class! My little boy is very fussy and has peanut and egg allergies but loved the recipes we made at this class and actually tried different foods he wouldn't try at home plus Nicole was really good at accommodating our allergies.

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