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More than just a theatre company, Spontaneous Productions is an arts organisation committed to providing affordable arts activities and events for all ages. Besides live theatre performances we run creative writing workshops, stages author and spoken word events and will soon be offering acting and singing classes.

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Michael James
December 2018

Firstly my only complaint (if I can call it that) was that the play is short, only 30 mins. But, considering that it was free and the amount of performances that were churned out in the day I haven't taken a star away and still given it full marks. Short it may be but it's packed with fun, great songs and good performances, the kids and my daughter loved it and were some cleverly veiled and delivered jokes for the adults. I really didn't expect anything as it was a free play. There are elements of " the play that goes wrong" in it and the cast seemed liked they were having a great time so it made it even more enjoyable. I'll definitely be going to see anything that they do in future and look forward to the next performance that was mentioned coming next year. I'll be buying my ticket as soon as they are out.

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