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Sparkysongs is a lively fun-packed weekly music show designed to entertain and educate children aged between 6 months and 5 years, led by an inspired and experienced children's entertainer who's performed over 12,00 shows for pre-schoolers over the last 16 years. Young imaginations are fired by the catchy original songs, costumes, characters, numbers, puppets and singalong fun. Guitar, jokes and balancing tricks all play a part, and Queen Doreen pops up from her box to play us all a nursery rhyme on her glockenspiel. Sessions finish with action songs, marching and bell-ringing.

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March 2020

Fundamentally my kids loved this, so would go again, but they were constantly told to sit down when they really wanted to dance and engage. Was such a shame because my little boy left feeling he’d done something wrong and kept asking, mummy why wasn’t I allowed to dance ...? I could understand if the room was packed but there were about 12 families there plenty of room to move around without blocking anyone’s view. Like I said, will go again and songs, dressing up etc, all brilliant. Just ashame we weren’t encouraged to interact more

March 2020

This is brilliant. Great for siblings and kids were absolutely loving it.

March 2020

what a lovely class, my toddler had a great time, we'll definitely be back

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