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South East Baby Massage courses teach mothers, fathers and carers the skills and techniques needed to learn how to massage your baby safely and confidently.

Baby massage provides benefits including reducing babies discomfort (such as colic, trapped wind and teething) and helping to provide a better quality of sleep. Most importantly it is a great bonding experience for you and your baby.

The course is suitable for all babies from 8 weeks old to pre-crawling.

What’s On

Activity Ages When Where
Baby Massagefor 2 - 12 months 2 - 12 months Thursdays 1:45pm Shrewsbury House Community Centre SE18 3EG Baby Massagefor 2 - 12 months 2 - 12 months Thursdays 10:00am Under 1 Roof SE18 6SR Baby Massagefor 2 - 12 months 2 - 12 months Thursdays 10:00am Under 1 Roof SE18 6SR


10 reviews
  • Matt Marshall Fri 15th Dec 2017 Attended with 5 month-old Had a awesome 4 week course, It was great to be able to bond with my baby and learn some new skills which enable me to spend more time together doing something useful!
  • Stephanie Marshall Fri 15th Dec 2017 Attended with 5 month-old Just finished a wonderful 4 week class and learned lots. Anyone considering taking this class, don’t worry it baby cries through the first session, each week you see them improve so much and practicing at home was a walk in the park in the calm of your own home. I especially loved the relaxation techniques we learned, I tried it at home once when my baby was crying and wouldn’t latch and he relaxed with me right away, so useful!
  • Amelia England Fri 15th Dec 2017 Attended with 3 month-old Such a great 4 week course. Navneet has such a good understanding of babies and their needs - the difference in Ted from week 1 to 3 was amazing! Practice at home to get the most out of each week. I feel so confident now to do this at home and get all of the benefits out of baby massage. Thanks so much Navneet!
  • Hazel Ball Fri 15th Dec 2017 Attended with 4 month-old Well structured course which builds on what you’ve learned each week. Lots of useful information provided to support. Great to find another way to bond with baby and get to know them better as well as to meet other parents and caters. Navneet is very welcoming, well informed, and support be, and you even get a little time to yourself (baby permitting!)
  • Claire Louise Sheed on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 We have just completed the baby massage course. The classes have such a relaxed atmosphere. My LO loved being massaged -and normally he won't lay still! There was also a short time in the session for a mummy relax too! The course is well structured focussing on an area of the body at a time as well as learning rhymes to accompany massage techniques to sing to your baby. You also learn how the particular massage covered will help your baby. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, it has been invaluable. Navneet is a fantastic teacher who has a wealth of knowledge about babies in general. I enjoyed the informative chats over the sessions.
  • Monica Costa-Isibor on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 My baby boy and I just completed a 4 sessions baby massage course. We have really enjoyed it and highly recommend for all parents. My boy loves being massaged and feels very relaxed afterwards. This course provides with a new skill for life.
  • Ksenia Zheltoukhova on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Really enjoyed this course, gaining skills to give the baby an effective and enjoyable massage experience! We learned a range of strokes that we can now pick and choose from as part of bedtime routine. Navneet also provided helpful tips for communicating with the baby during the massage, making sure they know what to expect and when.
  • Lesley Bigby on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 We really enjoyed our sessions with Navneet and have learned many massage techniques perfect for our little one; not only for bonding & relaxation but easing teething and gastric pains too!
  • Alison Jenner on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 I've really enjoyed baby massage classes. There's a nice relaxing atmosphere. Freddie's much more content now as the massages have really helped with his colic and reflux
  • Joyce Ip on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Well explained massage strokes. Perfect bonding activity with my baby and hubby!

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