Sing and Sign

6 - 18 months

Learn Baby Signing the FUN way! Help your baby to communicate before speech with our award winning music classes Babies typically use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk. Encouraging your baby with extra signs such as 'eat', 'milk', 'more', 'change nappy' or 'tired', will help your baby to communicate. Sing and Sign's unique approach combines action songs, props, pictures and toys in musical activities designed to stimulate speech and language development. It's natural, it's easy, it's great fun! Come along and see for yourself!

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6 - 18 months

Baby Signing

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Sing and Sign Teacher

I live in Hitchin and am mummy to 2 girls & attended Sing and Sign classes with both of them. They loved the music and the classes were really fun! My eldest signed ‘finished’ at the start of the second term and once she started signing, you couldn’t stop her! It was so rewarding to see them signing but even more importantly I felt like I’d given them both this incredible gift – a tool to aid their communication before they could talk! They could tell me what they wanted, what they'd seen, how they felt. It was amazing to see them express themselves in a way I understood and could react to.

Sing and Sign

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