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Sing and Sign are baby signing specialists. Our award-winning programme teaches all the signs you'll need for day-to-day life with a baby or toddler.

Baby signing can benefit ANY family with a baby or toddler. By using gestures to support communication you can reduce frustrations, encourage language and self-expression and boost your child's confidence.

Our engaging classes use songs, pictures, props and musical activities to make learning fun and easy!

This is not JUST an enjoyable weekly class - by the end of your course, you'll have learned a wonderful skill to enrich your family life.

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What families are saying

Ryan Collman
January 2020

We loved taking our daughter to sing and sign. We did three classes over the course of one year and really benefited from the experience. Not only were her communication skills drastically increased, but it was also a great bonding time that we looked forward to every week. We’ll definitely be taking our newborn to sing and sign as soon as he’s ready.

Amber Barclay
January 2020

This is the best class I take my little girl to. Catherine has such a beautiful voice and makes the class so fun and engaging for the babies. We love learning all the signs too!

Nicola Vantoch-Wood
January 2020

Found this a really fun class and super useful to communicate with my 10 month old. My baby really enjoyed it and Catherine is great at engaging all the babies and creating a relaxed environment for all. Thanks!

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