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Sing and Sign

Have you heard about Sing and Sign classes?

Baby signing can benefit any family with a baby or toddler. By encouraging early communication, signing can help your little ones feel confident in their ability to communicate; further encouraging language development and reducing frustration.

Age appropriate classes suitable from 4 months - 2 years.
View the video to find out more about our 'Stage 1' and 'Stage 2' classes.

Class sizes are small to ensure a friendly, relaxed experience but that does mean spaces are limited - for availability please e-mail [email protected]

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What families are saying

Natalie Walmsley
September 2019

Absolutely fantastic class. It provided my little one with a means of communication before he could speak and it also enabled me to pick up some sign language.

Fay Walker
September 2019

We started going to Sing and Sign when my little girl was 5 months old. She really enjoyed it and it became one of my favourite classes. She really got into it over the next 6 months and I was gutted to have to stop going when I went back to work full time. We are now going back to the toddler class. Would 100% recommend Sing and Sign to anyone!

Tracey Woods
September 2019

We’ve been going to Sing & Sign since my son was 4 months old he’s now 17months and we both love it. He has picked up a lot of the signs which has been great for our communication as I’ve been able to understand what he’s asking for with him not being able to ask verbally yet. I feel it’s helping him to learn words faster too as he remembers the sign to the words. We’ve both made some great friends since going, him with the other babies and me with the mummies. Going to group is one of our weekly highlights.

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