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A unique clubbing mash-up of festival fun for the whole family. With six amazing spaces to explore in the award-winning Ministry Of Sound, it's a fantastic daytime kids event meets an epic night out.

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What families are saying

March 2019

My daughter (5 years) loved this, she danced away. Was good value for money as there was other rooms to keep her occupied. 2 hours is just right for this age group, would definitely go again

March 2019

AMAZING event but the guest, Duggee was on for all of maybe 5 minutes. Such a shame for little ones who were super exited and just got into it only for him to leavs in a matter of minutes. aside from this absolutely brilliant event

November 2018

The dance floor was laid out in a “v” shape with the stage at the top end between the v. All the kiddies were allowed to be inside the v area but parents were not. However, given that all parents want to keep an eye on their children of various ages (toddler to school age), the outer areas of the v were crowded and it was very difficult to keep eye on your children. Some parents were inside the v as the kiddies were young and this is understandable because you can’t expect a 2 year old to go in alone when you cannot see them. They could wander off. Given that all event goers pay the full fee - there really should be a toddler dance section and a separate dance area for 4+ yr old kids as it was just too crowded. Or the event organiser can make the v shape dance floor bigger to allow for more space for parents to see their kids. There was alcohol served on premises and some parents were dancing with drinks in the hands - overall, feel that it was very much for the adults more than for the kiddies. The entertainers were good. It’s themed as hey dugee rave a roo - I was expecting to see dugee being present more, maybe on stage or as the DJ. Also, more of the hey dugee music would have been appreciated as kids this was theare expecting to dance to known dugee music. I wouldn’t go again as I was sold on hey dugee theme and felt short changed. Also the lack of dance floor space for the younger kids was a huge disappointment.

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