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Fun and relaxed music and singing classes for babies to preschool children. Sessions are themed, carefully planned and are full of singing, movement, props and instruments. Jolly babies is for teeny ones up to about 14 months, they then move on to Music with Mummy classes until they are around 3 years old. At age 3-4 I offer Three Four Time classes which are more challenging and a great preparation for school.

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  • Leah Harris-Fowles on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 Loved coming to classes with both my little ones. It's a lovely way to spend some one-on-one time with your little one, whilst having fun and meeting children of a similar age. Debbie is a brilliant teacher and I would highly recommend the classes. X
  • Jenny Niblett on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 What a journey we have taken with Debbie! Who would have guessed that almost 5years ago my daughter was about to start a magical journey into music, song and so much she is weeks away from starting school and is ready for it. As well as all the musical bits, Deb has helped Sophie learn to really listen, take turns and has encouraged her every step of the way! Music with Mummy has been brilliant at each stage and I wholeheartedly recommend it! X
  • Kim Kinsley on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 We've done this class from baby through to preschool. My little one absolutely loves it. Deb is fantastic and that's what makes this class so good. She remembers all the children and cares about them and they love her. It was recommended to me and I've recommended it to others. All the groups have a really friendly atmosphere. Mums dads and grandparents are always made really welcome. We've done a few different classes and groups but we have stuck with this one because Deb adapts it as they grow. If you're thinking about doing something with your little ones this one is definable worth trying. I would recommend Debs Jolly Babies and music with mummy and 34 time to anyone.
  • Lauren Tilton on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 Attended with 2 month-old My son and I have been attending classes with Debbie since he was 10 weeks old, starting with Jolly babies, he's now 2 and attends Music with Mummy. He and I absolutely love going and can honestly say it's the highlight of his week, so much so he literally runs from the car into the venue! Debbie is great with the little ones and we often find ourselves singing/dancing along to the songs when at home, in the car etc etc! Can highly recommend this class
  • Sophie Leanne Prosser on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 Attended with 6 month-old WOW !!!! 😍🎶😍🎵😍🎶😍 My little boy first started Jolly babies after an incredible taster session with Deb when he was about 6 months old. He has now moved onto Music with Mummy and absolutely loves his weekly sessions. Everything about it is infectious, the songs, the actions and most of all Debbie !! She's so hard working, energetic, caring, personal, funny, talented ..... the list goes on. We loved our classes so much, it was a no brainer that my new baby girl was going to attend and she started at 10 weeks !!! Music with Mummy is a MUST for all little ones. Oh how we love a baby jive 💕💙👶🏻👦🏼
  • Stacey Waring on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 Attended with 2 month-old My little boy has been attending Debbie's Jolly Babies classes since he was 10 weeks old, I have never met such an infectious lady as Debbie, she puts her all into every single class and she definitely puts the jolly into jolly babies. I have watched my little baby grow into a funny little boy with plenty of personality who now looks forward to the songs every week and of course seeing his friends. I would recommend these classes to anyone and we wont be leaving anytime soon!!
  • Amanda McAusland on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 This is just the best half an hour of our week. Deb really adores her job, and the children can all sense her joy and enthusiasm. I have been at Jolly Babies and Music With Mummy for just over a year now, and not once have I witness a baby or toddler tantrum or cry through a session. That says a lot for their engagement and enjoyment.
  • Sasha Jayne on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 Not only are the classes fun for little one and Mummy, but Debbie is a star, couldn't go to anyone else
  • Michelle Trimby on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 We absolute love Debbie's music classes! Debbie is such a positive and enthusiastic lady, she's incredibly patient and happy which is so infectious. My daughter loves her and looks forward to going to music class every week! The songs, props, instruments and opportunity to interact really add to a great experience and we would highly recommend.
  • Rachel Pheasant on Facebook Wed 31st Jan 2018 Attended with 1 month-old, and 2 month-old I started taking my eldest daughter to Jolly Babies when she was just 8 weeks old! She loved it and when baby number 2 came along she joined us in Music with Mummy from 3 weeks old. We're still going now and regularly sing all of our favourite 'Debbie' songs at home. Debbie is always enthusiastic and makes the classes really good fun. Highly recommended!

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