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Postnatal Yoga supports you in reclaiming your body, after 40 weeks of sharing it with your baby. By strengthening and aligning the body and re-focusing some attention on your own needs, you will be better equipped to make informed and conscious choices as a mother.

The class is designed for mums and their new babies – from 6 weeks. Dads also welcome!

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What families are saying

Nadia Bonomo
April 2018

Helen is an excellent yoga practitioner and really knows her stuff. Miriam is such a warm and caring person, making the baby yoga section of the class fun for the babies. Ailah was so relaxed in class that she would often snooze while I exercised. The venue, location, and the brilliant teachers make this a must activity for new mums. Also check out Miriam’s Baby Massage courses that she runs from her home.

Christabel Lanteri-Hasani
February 2018

I went to Miriam and Helen’s baby yoga classes with my first child and now I’m delighted to go back for more with my second! The amount of care and attention given by Miriam and Helen is superb. You can take the time to unwind, even with baby, as they each help keep a watchful eye while baby sleeps or plays alongside you. Helen ensures you get the most out of your yoga practice and carefully gives one-to-one guidance during the session rather than just teaching from the front. Her instruction is clear and thorough and I really feel lucky to have found such an understanding, amazing yoga teacher! Miriam is nurturing and brings fun nursery rhymes, songs and stretches which you do with baby so everyone is engaged, relaxed and having fun! She even thoughtfully provides refreshments at the end of class. Highly recommend Mummy and Me classes, very useful that you can just ‘drop-in’ (as baby is so unpredictable!) and can save money by block booking but just complete the classes when suitable. Huge thank you to Helen and Miriam- see you very soon!!

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