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Hi I run kids Yoga and Mindfulness classes, Parent and Toddler yoga + stay and play session and Tween Yoga [8-12 yrs]. I also run regular Family Yoga sessions and themed workshops in school half terms and summer holidays including arts and crafts, messy/sensory play and dough disco. All sessions are fun and creative based around stories for kids and themes for tweens.


10 reviews
  • Karen Connell Was Ellis on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 I love taking my boys to the yoga class! It's great when they do a couple of yoga poses just off the top of their head. They love the singing bowl which we have and have just recently asked me to buy the bells. Clare is great she is very understanding and patient with the kids who go, she just goes with the flow and mood of the class and can change things up if needed.
  • Joanne Cookson on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 At first carter would just run about but after a few sessions he has started to sit . Listen and join in the fun. He loves the drum. Glitter bottles. Colourful dance scarfs and he's really into the movement. This class is great to teach young children to be part of a group/ other than nursery.
  • Maria Johnston on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Anabelle loves yoga, it learns her about her mind aswell as how to express her feelings, not to mention the fun, crafts and imaginary adventures she goes on every week ♡ if you havent tried it, just give it a go. First sessions free too and theyre taught by a real life teacher xxx nothing to lose guys. Highly recommended ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Claire Griffiths on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 My daughter has attended the yoga classes in Crawford and she loves them, she loves the stories and learning the poses, Claire is lovely and my daughter settled into the classes really quick, I would definitely recommend these classes.
  • Trish Horrocks on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Phoebe absolutely loves this class. Clare has been brilliant with her, she loves the story's and themes and comes home teaching us her new yoga positions she's learnt. This has helped calm Phoebe after school and makes her so relaxed for bedtime. Would highly recommend. XxX
  • Natalie Powell on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Stephen enjoyed his first class and he took to it really well. I'd definitely recommend Clare and her classes as she is so good with the kids and so patient with them too. Can't wait for more classes
  • Nicola Susanne on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Attended a class today in Centre 63 and it is brilliant!!! The children loved learning the yoga poses and the stories, singing, dancing and craft session at the end!!! Thank you so much claire x
  • Lisa Westwater on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Attended with 4 year-old Elizabeth attended a class by Clare in November and loved it so much. She is 4 years old and keeps asking when can she attended yoga again so today I told her she would be going a week on Saturday and her face lit up especially as she will get to see her older sister have her first class. Thank you Clare for introducing yoga to Lizzie she is so happy to have an activity like her older siblings.
  • Cheryl Downs on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Attended with 10 year-old What a great class! Thank you so much, Clare! Both my kids are excited to learn more about yoga and do another class. My 10-year-old said, "That was fun! She did a great job. I can see how I can do harder poses for my age now." My 6-year-old said, "Thay was nice. And this is my favorite part- doing all the animal things. I loved alligator." Thank you again, Clare. How much you care about and connect with kids really shines. Thank you for introducing yoga and mindfulness to my kids in such a fun and accessible way, and in a way that has them enthusiastic to do more.
  • Amanda Daley on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Delilah adored her first session. She gave it the highest praise by saying she liked it better than Ballet. (Which she love love loves) I loved hearing the feedback from her class and it was really comforting to hear she enjoyed herself & was so relaxed she almost fell asleep on the relaxation part. She is really looking forward to attending again.

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