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For the last 17 years parents in North London have been loving these wonderfully engaging and energetic music sessions for parents and young children led by singer, songwriter and guitar player extraordinaire Jeremy Mendonca. *Contains Adult humour, for parents, for the purpose of laughter. May not appeal to everyone.

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Amelia Aiken
April 2020

My two LOVE these sessions - they laugh, dance, sing, pop bubbles - honestly it is joyful. Possibly the reason they LOVE them so much is because I LOVE them so much. My enjoyment comes from the two levels of humour Jeremy expertly balances which means this is a session for me as much as them. I enjoy singing along - and seeing my two squeal with excitement with Jeremy's energy in slippery fish or when they get Zoomed to the moon in Spanish. My boredom at the traditional, sweet and formulaic children's music sessions I think comes through and so my children might wonder off or not pay full attention. A parent who really enjoys those kinds of sessions might not love Jeremy's music as much as we do - granted, not everyone would like it. If you like singing with a spot of sarcasm and silliness you will enjoy this. We sing all the songs at home thorughout the week - including the "grown up" music (Beatles, Bill Withers, Dolly Parton...) which is always a welcome break from baby shark. The fact that this session is enjoyed by 2, 4, 37, 45yr old and grandparents too shows how masterful Jeremy is. Leading a music session that captivates children and satifies parents isnt easy and Jeremy puts alot of energy into them. I have been going for 4.5yrs, almost every week, and am grateful that I now have the opportunity to attend from my living room. Thank you Jeremy!

April 2020

Inappropriate language used for the age specified. The mention of alcoholics and various other narratives along those lines’ is not something for a 3 year old or any preschooler to be listening to.

January 2020

it was a nice session and Jimmy is quite talented. for most of the session Jimmy asked that we keep the kids on our lap. for non walkers is obviously ok but not for the older ones like +15months old that want to dance it seems a struggle hold them down throughout the session ( except the bubbles).

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