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Have fun, speak Italian! Learn through play, songs, sensory activities and storytelling. Every time is a new adventure delivered with passion and joy. Il Grillo Parlante group helps children to develop imagination, increase their willingness to communicate, supports verbal proficiency and enhances listening skills. Il Grillo Parlante follows the guidance of the Early Years Foundation Statutory Framework (EYFS) to create activities which support child development. Great for everyone who would like to introduce another language to their little ones and learn some Italian!

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What families are saying

Deborah Santoro
December 2019

This is one of the best play group we experienced. Since the very first time we went to , my son showed so much happiness and interest in all the activities that I almost felt emotional! Serenella is absolutely brilliant in teaching through playing activities. You can really see that Whatever she does in those 45 minutes is meticulously planned by a professional teacher. I would strongly recommend this playgroup to everyone not just Italian speaker. Serenella also uses the sign language with any singing.

Rain Horgan
September 2019

This class is absolutely wonderful! It’s full of music, dance, interaction, props, stories and most importantly fun! It’s an Italian speaking session and an amazing opportunity to meet other Italian families in London. My 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter adore it. Serenella has a phenomenal ability to connect with children. She’s draws them into activities in a remarkable way. This class is clearly a huge passion of hers and one that she invests in massively. I couldn’t reccommend it more. You need to check it out!

Vania Casini
September 2019

I Love the playgroup . Good atmosphere and my two kids always enjoyed and have fun !

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