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Since 2003 Hartbeeps has been delivering its unique blend of original music classes and mini productions to 1000's of babies and children. Challenging accepted definitions of 'baby and toddler' music classes; we create innovative, multi-sensory and highly interactive productions for the very young. Using clever state of the art music production, original music composition, sound effects, songs and sound plays, lighting effects, innovative props and puppetry together with a vast array of multi-sensory techniques, we create original and highly specialised experiences for our young Hartbeepers.


26 reviews
  • Andrea Balog-Savva on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Dear Joanne I would like to say a massive thank you for being in our lives for over a year. I loved your sessions. I never forget the first time I sang you are my sunshine for Sophie waving the parachute I was fighting with my tears. Your sessions helped us bonding, got us out of the house. Sophie learnt a lot her new favourite is the listening ears song so is mine. Unfortunately or fortunately I got a job offer so Sophie goes to nursery therefore we won't be coming anymore . Sorry We didn't have a chance to say goodbye properly but everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly. Please keep doing what you are doing and make mums and babies happy. You are fantastic and We will be missing you dearly. Ten fingers wiggling waving bye bye....big hug from us to you
  • Keeley Dee on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 I love Harbeeps and it's Joanne that makes it extra special. Iv tried lots of different classes but Harbeeps is definitely one of our favs. Iv moved area but still travel back every Monday specially for the class.
  • Anna Dawson on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 I have been taking my toddler to Hartbeeps since he was a baby. The sessions are so interactive and stimulating that every week is a new adventure. Joanne is great with all the kids and they are really allowed to play and explore which is harder at some groups where they are encouraged to sit and watch or listen. The quality of the props sets this group above others I have seen as well as the variation of themes. My son recently had a Hartbeeps party and Joanne tailored the activities to suit my theme and all the kids and parents loved it! I will be sad when my son outgrows the classes as I enjoy them just as much as he does! I'll definitely book my next baby in for classes when I have another one!
  • Alexandra Heywood on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 I've been doing Hartbeeps with my son for well over a year now and it is the only class I commit to and am happy to pay for - Joanne is a gift to babies - an absolute natural and I'm in awe of her energy and continual passion! It's a joy to come to these classes and watch my son enjoy them every week! He completely adores Joanne so I honestly don't know what we'd do without our weekly fix! I only wish she'd open a nursery!!!
  • Dionne Monique Barrett on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Both my sons love Hartbeeps. I take the younger one while the older one is at nursery. The younger one started walking the same day after session and the older one sings along to the CD on the car even though he doesn't go anymore. Joanne pays attention to each individual child and gets them all moving, its obvious they all love her and Hartbeeps!! Nice atmosphere for mums too, would highly recommend...
  • Katherine Prodromou on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Jo is simply amazing!!!! This truly is the best class around for a parent and child. Jo manages to creates and maintain warm, nurturing environments in her classes which makes for a comfortable atmosphere and a place to make and meet other mums. Her enthusiasm and amazing interactive activities make for such m happy babies/children too. She truly is one in a million and made Wednesdays a day to look forward to!
  • Tina Young on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Joanne's classes are so much fun and both my son and I always feel relaxed and comfortable in her class. She makes the effort to get to know all the children and they love her! There are always lots of different props for the children to play with and puppets to look at. My son has learnt a lot from her class and is always excited when he knows we are going to Hartbeeps
  • Claire Harris on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Love love love Hartbeeps! Love love love Joanne! My 2yo always gets excited when I tell him we're going to Happy House and has the best time every time we go. The best thing about it? His social, language and physical development has really improved from going to classes and he doesn't even realise he's learning
  • Shekel Yeboah on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Jo is a lovely, enthusiastic lady. She communicates extremely well with both the children and parents. Her classes are always full of engergy and fantastic entertainment, so if your looking for an amazing class and teacher then I recommend Hartbeeps by Jo.
  • Sharon Graves on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Hartbeeps is fantastic...full of fun, Sensory stimulation, fab music and just a healthy dollop of craziness!!! Joanne has great energy. She is very friendly and animated and great with all the babies. Thank you! X

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