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Know a child who is bursting with ideas but struggles to get them all down on the page? Or a child who wants to take their writing further than they can at school?

No matter what kind of writer your child is, all are welcome at Chelsea Young Writers! Our workshops for 6-12 year olds are designed and led by accomplished practicing writers and educators, and with small group sizes each participant gets the benefit of being guided as an individual by these experts.

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Activity Ages When Where
11 Plus English Exam Prep Workshopsfor 9 - 11 years 9 - 11 years 9th Apr - 13th Apr St John's Notting Hill W11 2NN 11 Plus English Exam Prep Workshopsfor 9 - 11 years 9 - 11 years 3rd Apr - 6th Apr St John's Notting Hill W11 2NN Hickory Dickory and other Twisted Tales - 'The Whole Story' Holiday Writing Campfor 8 - 12 years 8 - 12 years 12th Mar - 16th Mar St John's Notting Hill W11 2NN Steampunk Metropolis - 'The Whole Story' Holiday Writing Campfor 8 - 12 years 8 - 12 years 3rd Apr - 6th Apr St John's Notting Hill W11 2NN


6 reviews
  • Katia Nosenko on Facebook Wed 11th Oct 2017 It is a fantastic little community where the kids enjoy the opportunity to learn from the real writers. Their workshops and courses are very inspirational. All teachers manage to get to know the children very quickly and approach them individually. In the last few months, my son has attended a number of their products from one day workshop to 5 days story-writing course. And the only time he felt unhappy was when the course was over. The story-writing course has inspired him to write and has increased his confidence. The fact that he has asked me to re-enroll him on 11+ course speaks for itself. 11+ is perceived to be a daunting and boring experience, but not in this community with absolutely wonderful teacher.
  • Laure Platford on Facebook Wed 11th Oct 2017 Attended with 11 year-old Our son started as a young writer at the Chelsea Young Writers club when he was 11 years old and, over the following two years, participated in a number of workshops during most of his half-term and holiday breaks. The workshops were exceptional. Designed and led by authors who were either specialized in fiction for children or in documentaries for TV, or had a long experience of tutoring, they really inspired our son. He adored the courses because the teachers worked with him on his skills, motivated him and gave him lots of one-on-one personal advice. The style of the group work was fantastic - each child was invited to review and critique the work of the others in a very constructive way. My son really enjoyed these discussions as they always challenged him to stretch upwards and improve his skills. Now being a 13-year-old, and beyond the age range of the Chelsea Young Writers Club, he has become very self-motivated and is able to write short fiction stories in a professional and distinctive style, each taking only a few days. When he writes, whether a short or a long story, he knows how to interest his reader from the beginning until the end. As a parent, I recommend the Chelsea Young Writers Club. The team is very professional and always ready to answer to your questions.
  • Rebecca Fuller on Facebook Wed 11th Oct 2017 Great classes and teachers. The creative writing classes really inspired my son to write and come up with ideas. The write and revise course and the 11+ preparation were fantastic as my son prepared for his exams. Geoff was an amazing teacher and really helped the children understand what was expected in the exam context.
  • Olga Uskova-Sierra on Facebook Wed 11th Oct 2017 Great community of passionate adults and children. The children learn new writing techniques in a supportive, positive environment. It is very well run.
  • Helen Power on Facebook Wed 11th Oct 2017 Excellent writer's club for children with plenty of opportunities to nurture, develop and encourage creative writing skills which will remain with them for life!
  • Tania Steinbeck-Reeves on Facebook Wed 11th Oct 2017 An enjoyable class allowing the children to stretch their abilities and develop their writing skills.

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