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Top 5 Best Meditation Websites for Kids

7 July 2023

The following websites explain the benefits of meditation with examples of simple exercises you can try with children of various ages. They offer written instructions, books, videos and courses to help children develop a meditation practice they can draw on for life. Meditation improves concentration while mindfulness which most of the websites also explore, is a sensory practice. Focussing on the breath in meditation builds the muscles of attention helping with concentration and focus.

Follow the Rainbow

Follow the Rainbow has a collection of attractive stories that entice children to meditate. Some are only 5 minutes and others are up to 30 minutes for sleep. Jess runs yoga classes in London which have great reviews in the testimonials. There are summer camps too.



Mindful has practical suggestions for meditation practices that can help your kids build confidence, manage stress and improve their concentration and self-control. The site explains the benefits of meditation. There are instructions for meditation written out and guided meditations which are just voice so can be done with eyes shut. You can click through to studies that detail evidence for how meditation and mindful practices have helped school pupils overcome anxiety, depression and other mental health difficulties.


New Horizon

New Horizon uses imagery to help kids with meditation. The website explains the benefits of meditation for kids who may be overloaded and need to make time and space to be calm and allow their own imaginations to take flight. There are links through to youtube guided meditations. The testimonials on the website express how much children enjoy the videos asking for them over and over. People are expressing their gratitude and explaining how much the meditations have helped kids with anxiety.


Ommie Yoga

Ommie yoga and mindfulness has a site which sells story books and exercises to help introduce children to meditation. Ommie is a character kids can relate to who leads the meditation practice. There are videos you can click through to follow. You can buy alphabet yoga cards that explain the poses and breathing. They are beautifully illustrated with animals. You can choose a few to arrange into a sequence. Active yoga is a great way to bring children to stillness for meditation. There is a voiced meditation you can follow.  You can join the Ommie community. You can read reviews of the book and a rainbow meditation.


Tara Russo

Tara Russo offers online and in person courses through her website. Children can learn meditation and mindful exercises. She can tailor classes to suit a particular child. She aims to increase their confidence and tackle difficult emotions like anger, frustration and stress. She can even do a first aid session if a child is in crisis. She can arrange group classes. Classes are delivered via zoom or in person.


All of these sites offer an opportunity for children to settle and be kind to themselves. Establishing a practice at an early age is a cheap contribution to their entire life.

Photo by Julia M Cameron

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