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5 Resources to Help Children Learn Meditation

6 July 2023

Anyone can learn to meditate, including kids. Teaching meditation to children can be a great way to help them learn how to focus and manage their emotions. Here are five resources you can use to help your child learn meditation.

Children In Need Mindfulness Hub

The Children In Need Mindfulness Hub is an excellent resource for helping children learn meditation. It offers many free resources, including meditation, activities, and videos led by NHS doctor and Cbeebies presenter Dr Ranj. Print out the colouring sheets, mazes and activity cards and try them with your child. 


Headspace is an app that offers guided meditation for children. There's a 7 day free trial and then after that it costs under £5 per month. There are over 500 meditations and it can help with sleep and wind-down exercises. There's also games, stories, and activities to help keep kids engaged, and it's great for teaching kids how to meditate and be more mindful of their thoughts and emotions. Headspace is an affordable and convenient way to help children learn meditation and improve their mental health.


Mindful provides a variety of meditation, activities, and stories that can help children build self-esteem and manage stress. Additionally, the site has lots of free resources that parents can use to teach their children meditation. Optional paid courses that provide more comprehensive instruction on meditation and mindfulness. Overall, the Mindful website is an excellent resource for parents who want to help their children learn meditation and improve their well-being.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a free meditation app that offers over 130,000 guided meditations, plus relaxing music and ambient sounds, to help people of all ages to achieve calm and a peaceful night’s sleep. Some of the meditations are specifically aimed at children, with stories they can visualise as they drift off to sleep. There are numerous breathing exercises to help youngsters learn the form of meditation which works best for them, leading to improved focus, concentration and calm. 


Twinkl is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of resources to help children learn meditation. These include themed activity packs, breathing exercises, guided meditations, and mindful colouring sheets. There’s a selection of outdoor mindful activities, so you can make the most of time outside with your little one. Optional paid membership also includes access to a library of additional resources, including Mindfulness in Schools curriculum materials and exclusive member-only content. Twinkl's mindfulness resources are designed for kids of all ages and can be used in the classroom or home. 

There are many different resources available to help children learn meditation. The most important thing is to find one that is right for your child and that you feel comfortable with. Try out a few different ones to see which works best for your family.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

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