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5 Meditation Courses for Teens in the UK

6 July 2023

Thoughts of meditation and mindfulness might bring images of calm, zen people sitting in the lotus position for hours. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a monk or even remotely close to enlightened to reap the benefits of meditation. Anyone can do it, and there are plenty of ways to get started. If you’re a teenager living in the UK, here are five great courses that will teach you everything you need to know about meditation and mindfulness.

Wellbeing For Kids UK

The 6-week online course offered by Wellbeing For Kids UK is specifically tailored to the needs of individual teens, making it an ideal way for them to learn mindfulness and meditation techniques. The course includes group and individual sessions, so they can choose the format that best suits their needs. It's also designed to be flexible so that teenagers can meditate at a time and place that is convenient for them. By providing young people with the tools they need to manage stress and stay calm, the Wellbeing For Kids UK meditation course can have a lasting impact on their lives.

Mindful Kids

Mindful Kids provide a range of ways for young people to learn to meditate. There are private one to one sessions either in-person or on Zoom, plus they can adapt to provide family or small group sessions as required. This can help students to work on specific areas of mindfulness, such as focus and concentration, or to tackle particular problems they're having. 

The Meditation Man - Teenage Meditation Class

The Meditation Man offers a meditation course specifically for teenagers, recognising the amount of pressure they can be under. This 5-week course covers different themes and teaches valuable meditation techniques to help with self-esteem, stress, and anxiety. The course is led by a qualified teacher experienced in working with teenagers and parents are welcome to come along too. Meditation can be an extremely powerful tool for teenagers, and this course offers an excellent opportunity to learn how to meditate effectively.

Mindful Surrey

Mindful Surrey offers several courses, with free taster sessions, an introduction to mindfulness short course and a full 8-week course for those who want to learn meditation in depth. There are also options for individual or small group private courses, which may suit those who want to tackle specific problems. The classes are held either in person or online and cover mindfulness-based stress reduction and meditation, designed to help teenagers learn how to live in the present moment and manage their thoughts and emotions. 

Oxford Mindfulness Foundation

The Oxford Mindfulness Foundation offers a variety of courses designed to teach meditation and mindfulness. The classes are offered in five stages, each of which builds on the skills learned in the previous stage. The foundation also provides in-person, online, and residential retreats. These retreats allow participants to deepen their understanding of mindfulness and meditation practices and exercises.

Meditation and mindfulness can be highly beneficial for teenagers, helping them to cope with stress, anxiety, and other challenges. If you have a teenager in the UK, there are many great courses that can teach them everything they need to know about meditation and mindfulness.

Photo by Eren Li

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