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Which Gymnastics Events are Available for Kids?

14 February 2023

The UK is witnessing a gymnastics boom with events, classes and competitions popping up all over the country. Here are 4 fantastic events for yourself and your kids to enjoy, or even take part in!

Gymnastic Holiday Camps

Gymnastic camps are a wonderful way of keeping your kids busy and engaged throughout the long holidays, allowing them to continue to do the things they love in a safe and friendly environment.

There are a number of holiday camps available, such as UK Flair, who offer both trampolining masterclasses and tumble camps during the school holiday. Tumble camps are the perfect entry into the world of gymnastics and UK Flair makes them even more eventful with their themed outfit days!

For older or more experienced gymnasts, the trampolining masterclasses offer a chance to develop their acrobatic skills even further and are ideal for those aged between 5-17 (preferably on the upper end of that age range).

The GymAcademy offers development camps for kids who have already started to engage with gymnastics. They also offer pre-school camps for children aged between 2-4, who have not yet begun school, but still want to get started in the world of gymnastics.


Gymfinity is a nationwide group of clubs and nurseries offering introductory lessons and competitions to children of all ages. Their classes teach children to explore the “amazing machine that is the human body” and promote an active lifestyle that helps to improve their sleep and focus. To those of us with kids that hate their vegetables - you’ll be glad to hear Gymfinity also offers nutritious and balanced meals to attendees and can help you get your children eating healthily!

Their classes are focused on complimenting your child’s natural development and are therefore the perfect introduction to gymnastics. If you’re looking for a fantastic way to engage your kids, develop their social skills and build up their confidence - then Gymfinity is a great option to consider.


GymFest is a celebration of all things gymnastics - but outside of the competitive environment. It is a gymnastics display festival taking place in Scotland every year. From all its past reviews from other parents, it seems like It is the perfect event to introduce your kids to the sport in a non-competitive, festival atmosphere. It consists of over 1200 gymnasts and is attended by over 3000 spectators!

GymFest is also a wonderful opportunity for your little gymnasts to get to display their own talents to their family and friends, while also being in a stress-free environment. It is a unique festival as it offers teams or individuals who have not yet performed to show off their own skills. Definitely worth a visit!

English Schools Gymnastics Association - Novice Competition

Gymnastics is naturally competitive, so it’s no wonder kids want to compete and put their skills to the test. The ESGA Novice Competition is the perfect starting point for your budding Olympians to get their first taste of competitive gymnastics.

The competition is open to all English Schools and has three age groups: Under 9, 11 and 13. The competition is for pairs performing on the floor, on the vault and in acrobatics. It is an excellent opportunity for your child to compete alongside one of their gymnast friends and become better gymnasts than ever before.

With gymnastics becoming ever more popular throughout the UK, there are more events and competitions popping up every year - so do keep an eye out!

Photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash

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