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What Ages Can Kids do Soft Play?

6 January 2023

You may be wondering whether your kids are the right age for soft play. There really is no one answer to this question. Soft play is a fun and safe activity for kids of almost all ages.

General Advice

It is usually the case that most soft play centres cater for kids aged 1 and above, but it is not unknown for some soft play centres to take in newborn babies!

If you’re concerned that your child may be too young or too old for soft play, then rest assured. For most soft play centres, they tend to separate out sessions based on ages. For example, some may have a session from 9am-10am for kids aged 0-2 years old. Then the next session from 10am-11am is for those aged 2-4. So on and so forth for the remaining ages. This makes sure that kids of all ages can do soft play, and enjoy playing with those of similar ages to ensure maximum fun.

Older Kids

The upper limit for soft play centres usually ranges from 6-8 years old. But then again, there do exist some centres that cater for kids far older, with more complex activities that are around the soft play centre. There could be mini-golf facilities, as well as laser tag and similar games available for older kids. However for the main soft play area consisting of soft surfaces and toys, the upper limit tends to range around the 8 year old mark.

There are also some soft play areas that put limits on height, as the area simply does not cater for children that are very tall or very short. Make sure to check out the soft play centre you choose for height requirements before setting up a session for your child, as it might be the case that they have these requirements in place.

Check With Local Venues

As is apparent due to the vagueness of this article, the ages kids can do soft play really depends on the soft play centre you choose. Some centres only cater to a small age range, whereas some cater for almost all ages (including parents!). The best place to look for advice is the centre’s website.

Whatever your requirements may be, make sure that you pick a suitable soft play centre that caters for your child best. The main thing is to ensure they are comfortable, safe and have a great time getting stronger and smarter.

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