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The Top 10 Soft Plays in Manchester

6 January 2023

Soft play can be a great way to get your tiny tots up and moving. If you’re looking for the best soft plays in Manchester, look no further. Let’s get started.

Adventure Forest Play Centre

This soft play centre is located in the heart of Trafford Park, and has a wonderful selection of activities as well as soft play facilities. Reviewers rave about their selection of healthy food between soft play sessions, and also at the variety of activities other than soft play - such as a quad bike track, a huge slide, swimming facilities and sports courts. They also offer autism friendly sessions which is a huge plus for those of us with autistic children.

Let Loose

Make a booking for Let Loose in Stockport, so you can see the large selection of baby-friendly activities present. They have a whole area called ‘Toddler Town’ which caters for the youngest of kids, as well as multiple sensory zones for kids to develop their sensory stimulation skills.

The Hideaway

This not-for-profit organisation runs a wonderful soft play area located within Partington Shopping Centre. They have 6 unique zones to ensure the area is safely split with the right amount of kids per zone, and also to make sure your kids have as much space and fun as they possibly can. There is a construction zone, a bouncy castle and many other sports and games. You can help out as a volunteer while your child plays, so it’s a great opportunity for parents too.

Play Factore

Play Factore offers a great time for your younger kids, but is catered more towards the older ones. It has Europe’s largest play frame and a gigantic four-lane slide. There is even a zip line for the really brave ones! A wonderful soft play area is also available for toddlers.

Head Over Heels

This centre has a toddler playground and a space sensory room, where toddlers can satisfy their curiosity by touching and exploring the surrounding areas. There are some excellent classes and facilities within this soft play area, such as arts and crafts facilities. The toddler show is a really fun 30 minute singing session this centre has every day, where toddlers sing and dance in the custom-made disco room!

Anchors Away Play

Next to Manchester Airport is this soft play centre. They have a bespoke play area for kids aged 0-3, where they are encouraged to challenge themselves and break their boundaries to learn new things. For older kids aged 3-11, there is a thrilling selection of activities, such as a football pitch and a spiral slide - amongst others. Head over to this centre with your kids for what is sure to be a wildly entertaining day.

The Funhouse

The Funhouse truly lives up to its name. It has a disco room for your kids' parties, with an in-built sound system and disco lights. What really sets this soft play centre apart is its selection of activities. There are even mum-toddler sessions offered, where pairs of mums and toddlers interact with each other and have a great time. If you’re a worried parent who’s hesitant over whether soft play is for their child, then these joint sessions can be a useful way to get a taster whilst keeping a close eye on your child.

Cheeky Cherubs Play Centre

In the heart of Urmston is this exciting not-for-profit children’s soft play centre. As well as the standard soft play equipment, they have a tremendous role play room where kids can pretend to be librarians, doctors and cashiers - amongst other jobs. It’s an ideal way for them to get creative and learn about the world around them.

Jungle Mayhem

Catering for kids all the way from birth, this versatile soft play centre has a baby area with a rocking chair, mirrors and the classic baby playing equipment. There is also a toddler and older child area - so they really do cater for the entire family. Jungle Mayhem also provides a unique play and dinner package, where you and your child have a good time during the day, and then refresh yourself with a delicious dinner when the day comes to an end.

Inflata Nation Manchester

Inflata Nation is an incredible inflatable park offering something for the entire family. There is the Inflata Tots area - which is perfect for under 4’s. It offers opportunities for soft play and has a ball pool present. The rest of the arena is full of a huge selection of obstacle courses and jumping games for older kids. Amazingly, this park also offers Inflata Tots classes 3x a week where the whole arena is open for the ‘Tots’ only. A unique park with a wide selection of activities, well worth a visit!

Photo by Carlos Magno on Unsplash

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