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Top 5 Camp Fire Stories for Kids

15 December 2022

Sitting around a campfire and telling spooky stories is the perfect way to end a day camping. Typically campfire stories are scary and creepy but this doesn't have to be the case when you are telling campfire stories to your children. 

For some people, it is natural to make up great stories to keep the kids entertained without the need for scripted prompts, but if that isn't you then don't worry, we have listed 5 great campfire stories to help you captivate your kids. 

“How the Bear lost his tail”

This is a Native American tale about how an otter tricked a bear into using his tail to catch fish through a fishing hole in the ice. But as the bear waited, his tail froze to the ice. The message behind this story is ‘don’t always believe what you are told’. https://bit.ly/howthebearlosthistail


This is the spookiest story on the list with lots of room for suspense-filled silences, perfect if you do want to scare the kids. The story describes how a man alone in a cabin keeps hearing a strange noise and tries to investigate. https://bit.ly/creakstory


This campfire story is perfect for younger children. The funny punchline will have the kids wanting to retell it to their friends when they get home.  

The story goes, 

As a man who is leaving a graveyard, he hears a strange thudding sound behind him. Scared that he is being followed, he speeds up his pace, but there is that thudding sound again. Unable to ignore it any longer he turns around to see a coffin standing up, thudding down the road towards him. Terrified, he runs for his life, when he realises the coffin is following him home he starts to throw objects at it. He throws an axe but it bounces off, he shoots him with a shotgun but the bullet bounces off. Once at the house, he runs upstairs and into his bathroom, where, in desperation, he throws a bottle of cough syrup at the coffin. It smashes all over the coffin and finally, ‘the coffin stopped’.


This silly story tells of a ghost of a husband who keeps coming back to visit his wife because he has something he needs to tell her. She is petrified until she stops to listen to his request. https://bit.ly/theunderpantsstory

“Magic Castle”

Like the Underpants story, this spooky story has a silly ending, perfect for young kids.

A woman walking in the woods finds a note warning her not to go to the nearby castle after midnight. The local villagers had also warned her away from this scary castle, curious she ignored the warnings and ventured in. What she finds inside is surprising. https://bit.ly/themagiccastlestory

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Photo by Jonathan Forage on Unsplash

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