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Top 10 things to Cook on the Campfire with Kids

15 December 2022

One of the best things about having a campfire is that all kinds of delicious foods can be cooked on them. The combination of the smoke and good food cooking away, surrounded by nature is evocative and memorable and will be something the children look back on with fondness over the years.  

It is worth remembering that when camping, you are unlikely to have access to a refrigerator, so a high quality cool-bag or box is a necessity for most people who are serious about making campfire meals. 

Many people have quite an unoriginal take on campfire cooking, with cans of beans and sausages being a regular staple but there is so much more choice for cooking than that. Below are some of our favourite ideas for feeding the family from the campfire.

Halloumi Burgers

Halloumi, the cheese made from sheep’s milk, is flavourful and hard-wearing and can be easily stored in a cool box or bag until it is ready for use. It can be fried and served on a burger bun with salad and perhaps some hummus to make a delicious meat-free burger. 

Chilli con Carne 

For those with rather meatier tastes, chilli con carne is a perfect campfire dish. It can be served with tomatoes, rice, sour cream and lime and is always a family favourite. This takes a little preparation to do over a camp fire or stove but it is doable in a fairly short amount of time and there are some wonderful campfire chilli recipes available online. 

Baked Potatoes 

While these are one of the easiest things on the list to make, they are also one of the most versatile, with the ability to add the filling of your choice. The potential fillings are endless and bounded only by your imagination but some of the easier ones are tuna and sweetcorn or cheese and coleslaw. Baked potatoes make for a quick, no-fuss, filling and nutritious meal for everyone. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs

A campfire classic and rightly so, spaghetti and meatballs is one of those dishes that can be made anywhere and ready-made sauces can help to make this a very quick and easy go-to meal for when those tummies are rumbling. 

Campfire Nachos

Why not add a spicy twist to campfire food with nachos, cooked in foil over the fire, with tomatoes, jalapenos, peppers, cheese and onions. The whole family will love to pick their way through this delicious meal. You can add your own sour cream or guacamole dips as well. Just be careful to wash your hands afterwards if handling jalapenos! 


Not everyone will think that bringing eggs on a camping trip with children is a good idea but if care is taken it can be done. Omelettes are very versatile as meals go and they can include all sorts of other foods, from vegetables like onions, peppers and mushrooms, to sausages and other meats. They are a good way to use up any spare ingredients at the end of the trip.  

Spicy Rice

Rice is one of the easiest foods to transport and can form the basis of many delicious meals. It can be “boil in the bag” or ready-cooked and is perfect for campfire cooking. Throw in some garlic, curry paste, raisins and chickpeas and you have a satisfyingly tasty rice dish with which to feed the family. Just be careful not to overdo the spices as they may not be to everyone’s taste.     

Beans, Chorizo and Egg

I know we mentioned at the start of the article about the unoriginality of tinned beans and sausage but chorizo is a tasty twist and is ideal for taking camping as it is already cured and is very versatile. A breakfast pan full of beans, chorizo sausages and eggs will sate even the hungriest of morning appetites. 


Campfire Pizzas

There are very few kids who don’t like pizza and the chance to make and top their own for campfire cooking is half of the fun with this dish. Let the kids select what they want to put on their own pizzas and give them some freedom to experiment. 

Maybe involve them in meal planning for the trip and get them to help with suggestions for what they might like on their pizza. It is a good family experience and they will probably appreciate being involved in the process.


The American favourite that has been imported to the UK, S’Mores are easy to make and will bring a satisfying end to any meal. What can go wrong with hot and gooey marshmallows, with delicious chocolate, sandwiched by biscuit at either end? Seriously smoreish.

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Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

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