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5 Tips to Throw the Ultimate Kids Halloween Party

25 March 2023

Halloween is coming up, so why not bring it into your own home with a fun-filled Halloween party? Here are 5 great tips for throwing your own ultimate kids Halloween party!

1. Invitations

If a Halloween party is going to be a real success, then it’s important to set the tone with a fantastic invitation. The right invitations will grab the attention of the busiest members of your family and friends to make sure they pop in to appreciate what you’ve put together.

Creativity goes a long way with invitations, so here are a few ideas to get your party started!

Fill up a box with your invitation, a fabric spider and fake cobwebs – a fantastic way to give someone a fright straight away! Or perhaps something a little more sinister with a homemade doll in a box. You could even keep it cheap and simple by handwriting a note and burning the edges – a sinister but easy twist to pull off.

2. Theme

Picking a theme and sticking to it is the key between a confused and disjointed Halloween party, and one that’ll stay in people’s minds for years to come. There are lots of wonderful themes to choose from: such as a simple black and orange décor, spiders and spiderwebs taking over your house, or you could even take the next step and turn the whole thing into a haunted house.

If it suits your family and guests better, you can think a bit more whimsical and less scary - perhaps a magical forest complete with fake mist. Maybe even a circus theme with spooky treats for a particularly young crowd.

Lastly, make sure to ask the adult attendees to also stick with the theme and get in character!

3. Decorate

Once the invitations are sent and the theme is decided, then the next thing to do is start on those decorations. But, there’s no need for you to run out and buy premade objects when you can have fun making your own set of Halloween decorations!

Try making a paper bag Halloween lantern by cutting out spooky shapes into a paper bag and putting an LED tea light inside it (much safer than a candle). It’ll project the shapes onto the walls around your house. Grab some black paper and cut out a witch, or another creepy character silhouette and display it on your door or window. Or keep things simple by making paper bats you can decorate your walls and ceilings with.

4. Atmosphere (Music)

Keeping the tone of the party as creepy as possible is vital for the theme to do its work, so make sure to set up an appropriate playlist! With the correct music going on in the background, your decorations will really come to life. Think about using songs such as “Monster Mash” and maybe even “Ghostbusters” if your guests enjoy those kinds of tunes.

Why not also think about some fun Halloween games to play? It really helps to get everyone in the mood as they can all pitch in and enjoy themselves together.

5. Spooky Snacks

Snacks are a vital aspect of any party and Halloween should be no different. However, they don’t need to be complicated! Try making some sandwiches with biscuit cutters to turn them into creepy faces, or perhaps some lollipops with marshmallows and chocolate drops on them to make them a bit ghastlier.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

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