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5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

25 March 2023

Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive to look great. Making them yourself is also way more fun for the whole family, and a great way to involve your children in the process too. This article will give you 5 quick and easy ideas for DIY Halloween costumes for your kids!


A simple but classic costume. All you need to start with are some grey tracksuit trousers and a grey jumper or hoodie. Add on a bike helmet (any other bulkier hat will do), a little bit of cardboard and a couple rolls of tin foil. This might sound a bit weird now but let me explain...

The grey clothes will provide the core part of your child’s knight outfit. Cover the bike helmet in tin-foil and try to shape it so it looks like a helmet. With the cardboard, cut out a sword shape and a shield shape, and once again cover them in tin foil.

You should be left with a rather dazzling outfit that won’t cost you more than a roll of tin foil!

Mad Scientist

Another absolutely classic costume idea and so easy for you put together. All you need is an old large white dress shirt, a wig (preferably brightly coloured), a fake doctor’s kit (you can use any little carry bag and colour it green with a white cross), rubber marigolds and a few colourful pens!

Simply roll up the sleeves of the shirt to get it to an appropriate length (it should be long enough to appear to be a lab coat). Mark up the shirt a little bit with the pens to make it seem a bit more distressed, put on the wig and the gloves - and hurrah! If you want to go the extra mile, think about getting some fake blood or a pack of fake spider webs. It’s all about making the shirt and the accessories as distressed as possible.


A very simple and rather cute costume that anyone can make in a hurry. All you need is a brown jumper, brown trousers and cardboard. Simply cut out a bear shaped head with the cardboard and then remove the centre of the head for your child to comfortably fit their head through. Once it is the right shape and fit, colour the cardboard a brown colour. Don’t forget the details on the ears! If you have any face paints, make sure to paint your child’s face with a cute nose and whiskers.


All you need is some crepe bandages, or failing that, toilet paper, and white face paint. Wrap your child in the lengths of bandages or toilet roll, secure it, and paint their face a deathly colour. Bear in mind that if they plan to trick or treat outside, rain could turn their costume to mush.

A Witch

A classic costume, all you need is a loose black dress and some black card, or white card and black paint. If you don’t have a black dress, you could use a bin bag with a head-shaped hole in it worn over black clothes, but your child might not be comfortable in it for very long. Make a hat by rolling a piece of card into a cone shape and tape, staple or glue it together (supervise kids with staplers). Put a card rim around it and if necessary, paint it black, and add some stars and moons. You can accessorise with a broomstick if you have one.

Photo by Daisy Anderson

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