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Alexander Technique for Mums and Babies

A workshop for parents to develop awareness and learn how to lift, carry feed etc with ease and free from unnecessary muscular tension. The Technique works with body and mind as a unit and helps with stress and anxiety. The technique works at its best when tried for 4/5sessions. The class also uniquely offers a mix of Alexander Technique and singing from an experienced Kodaly teacher. After the class mums/dads can stay around to chat and get to know each via Zoom

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What families are saying

Isabel Bodunrin
June 2020

Fantastic class with Daniela via Zoom. Great for learning about how you use your body in the best way for you and baby, to avoid aches and pains and feel confident. I was skeptical about whether AT would work online, but Daniela was careful to make me position the screen so she could see us properly, and she gave great feedback as I followed her directions. Small class size meant she adapted the class to my particular concerns. We did some songs with baby and he slept a lot (so thumbs up from him too!). Guidance with breastfeeding positioning really helpful. Highly recommended.

November 2019

I went to my first session of Alexander Technique with babies last week. Daniela was very welcoming and it was a lovely small class size of three (classes are up to four) which is necessary as Daniela will come around and touch you individually to very gently change your position and posture. It was lovely for the babies as it incorporated gentle movement and singing for them which was cleverly designed to help us sit and hold them better. There were also mats and space for them to lie and play.

Alice Brett
October 2019

I absolutely loved taking Daniela's class. I came to it initially hoping to get tips for how to better hold my (enormous!) baby, since I was worried about my back longterm. I did get that, but I got so much more as well. I now feel like I have a much greater understanding of how my body functions, and how to avoid the traps we can fall into relating to posture, bending, standing, walking - every way our bodies move. Daniela is a very intuitive and sympathetic teacher. She's great with the babies, and is effective at adapting the class depending on how they're faring (if they're peaceful she'll focus on the adults, getting more technical if that's helpful; if they want attention she'll run a baby-centric activity that incorporates the movement we're learning about). One thing I would stress is that I think it's important to attend more than one class - I did the full five sessions and I'm very glad I did. The Alexander technique isn't a quick fix, and the real value comes from building on what you've learned week by week.

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