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U18: Animation For Beginners (10Yrs+)

  • 15 April 2024
  • 17:0018:00
  • Free
  • Ages 10 – 18 years


Open to young people (10+yrs) – no experience required.

You will learn the 12 fundamental Principles of Animation: Squash and stretch, Anticipation, Staging, Straight-ahead action and pose-to-pose, Follow through and overlapping action, Slow in and slow out, Arc, Secondary action, Timing, Exaggeration, Solid drawing, Appeal

By the end of the course you should be able to create a short animation in a hand drawn / flipbook form or clay / stop motion style.

Week 1: Create simple animation to describe how an object changes shape in response to forces acting on it. Week 2: Create simple animation using Straight-ahead and pose-to-pose approaches to animating. Week 3: Exploring how Slow-in and slow-out is used in animation Week 4: Creating graceful, clear arcs to elevates animation Week 5: Controlling the speed of an action through number of frames used Week 6: Character Design and how the character is animated, with a sense of volume, weight and balance.


  • Ferry Road
  • Teddington
  • Greater London
  • TW11 9NN
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