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Top 5 Mindfulness Videos for Kids

10 July 2023

Mindfulness is an excellent way for kids to learn how to focus and be present in the moment. Watching online videos is a great way to practise mindfulness with your children and there are lots of videos out there for them. Here’s a selection of recommendations to get you started:

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Frozen

Disney’s Frozen movies are phenomenally popular with younger children, and this video uses this theme to engage kids with yoga. It’s a half hour long series of yoga poses to the story of the movie, with a guided relaxation at the end, introducing children to mindfulness in a relatable way. The story and animations will keep kids engaged, while the yoga poses will improve their flexibility and the mindfulness will relax them. 

Rainbow Relaxation

Rainbow Relaxation is an excellent mindfulness video for kids. The gentle animation and ambient music set the scene for a relaxing breathing exercise. Children will enjoy the bright colours as they imagine painting a rainbow while they are guided through deep, slow breaths. Learning to control their breath and use it to calm themselves is a very important part of mindfulness practice, which can be used in many situations. 

Meditation For Children

Meditation For Children is another excellent mindfulness video that teaches children how to meditate. Following the actions of the cute animated monkey will keep kids engaged, while the calm music relaxes them. Focusing on breathing and internal energy helps kids to calm down and focus on the present moment. This is especially useful when kids are experiencing over-stimulation or feeling anxious. With regular practice, children can learn how to calm themselves down and repeat these actions in other situations. 

The Body Scanner

This animated video uses a calm voice and ambient music as it takes children through a guided relaxation covering their entire body, area by area. The video encourages them to recognise and calmly accept how their body feels. This is a good exercise to do on a daily basis, perhaps after school, to let go of the stresses of the day. 

GoNoodle Melting Exercise

The GoNoodle Melting Exercise is another animated video, which gets children to “freeze”, tensing all their muscles, and then progressively relaxing them. By purposely tensing their muscles, children become aware of all the areas that get tense when they are stressed, scared or angry. When they recognise they are feeling tense from these emotions, they can use the relaxation process they’ve learned to help them manage the emotions. 

There are many excellent mindfulness videos for kids available online. These videos can help children learn important breathing and relaxation techniques and how to be more mindful in their everyday lives. Consider one of these mindfulness videos if you are looking for a way to help your child relax and focus.

Photo by ShotPot

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