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Top 5 Best Mindfulness Websites for Kids

9 July 2023

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware and present in the moment. It’s increasingly being used by adults and children to reduce stress and improve their mental health, and many websites now offer resources specifically for kids. This article will discuss five of the best.


Mindful.org has a large number of resources useful for children, including audio recordings of guided meditations, activities and tips for kids of all ages and their parents. There are activities to help the whole family to discuss feelings and develop awareness of positive aspects of their lives together. Breathing exercises are presented in child-friendly ways, using toys to help them focus on their breathing. There are also tips for parents, so they can develop their mindful parenting skills and improve communication and healthy expression of emotions within the family. This is a great resource for both parents and their children to learn about mindfulness and begin to apply it in their lives. 


Positivepsychology.com has a page with a wide range of mindfulness resources for children and families. It includes exercises, games, worksheets, activities, and meditation routines specifically designed for kids. There are tips for teaching mindfulness to children and teenagers, including pre-schoolers. The site includes links to other resources and lots of videos and the information in it references scientific studies, so you can be sure it’s accurate. 

BBC Children in Need Mindfulness Hub

This site set up by the BBC Children in Need charitable project features Dr Ranj, who is an NHS doctor and Cbeebies presenter. There’s a video with various mindfulness activities aimed at younger children that they can try. You can also print out a range of sheets including mindfulness colouring, mazes, breathing activities, and guided meditations. There are suggestions for outdoor activities, a wellbeing journal template and examples of daily acts of kindness children can try to integrate into their lives. 


Education.com is one of the best mindfulness websites for kids for various reasons. First, the site offers hundreds of free printable worksheets that you can use to teach kids all about mindfulness. The worksheets are specifically designed to focus on mindfulness and emotions, making them ideal for teaching kids how to deal with their feelings. In addition, the worksheets are suitable for a range of ages, from preschoolers to teenagers. There are also many activities, games, and lesson plans available on the site, all of which can be used at home for free.


Another excellent mindfulness website for kids is Mindfulschools.org. The site offers ten free classes and lots of resources, making it easy for kids to get started with mindfulness. The classes are taught by experienced teachers trained in mindfulness, and the videos, games, and activities make learning fun and engaging. In addition, the site provides valuable tips for parents on how to support their child's mindfulness practice. With so much to offer, Mindfulschools.org is an excellent resource for anyone interested in teaching mindfulness to kids.

Each of these websites offers different and unique ways for kids to learn about and practice mindfulness, so it's important to find one that suits your child's needs and interests. Whichever website you choose, remember to be patient and have fun!

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

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