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Top 5 Baby Books for Storytime

5 February 2023

If you're looking for some great books to read to your baby, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of our top 5 favourite baby books for storytime. These books are sure to entertain and engage your little one, and they'll love hearing the stories over and over again. So grab a book and get ready for some fun!

That's Not My Dinosaur

That's Not My Dinosaur has textured patches, bold illustrations, and is created with sensory play and learning in mind. The book is also a best selling baby story, which makes it perfect for parents who want to give their child a high-quality book. The textured patches help to stimulate babies' sense of touch, while the bold illustrations capture their attention. The fact that the book is created with sensory play and learning in mind makes it stand out from other story books on the market.

Don't Tickle the Hippo!

Don't Tickle the Hippo! is one of the best story books for babies. It allows babies to tickle the touchy-feely patches, which are great for stimulating your baby's sense of touch. The book also has sound effects, so your baby can hear each animal make a sound. In addition, the book is part of an exciting new series for babies that includes other great books such as Don't Poke the Pig! and Don't Squeeze the Giraffe! So if you are looking for a great book for your baby, be sure to check out Don't Tickle the Hippo!

Baby Touch: Animals

Baby Touch: Animals is a story book for babies that has an interactive touch-and-feel tab book format. From the best-selling Baby Touch series, this book helps babies find and name the different animals, with big, stimulating touch-and-feel areas. The tabs help babies explore the book independently, and the variety of textures engages all of their senses. Babies will love feeling the different animals and discovering all the fun sounds that each one makes. This is a must-have book for any parent with a young baby.

Hello You! Baby's First Peekabook

Hello You! Baby's First Peekabook helps babies to familiarise themselves with faces and familiar sights. They can play peekaboo and enjoy a guessing game. The high contrast colours, bold patterns, and mirrors also help to stimulate their senses. Babies are drawn to the book because they can see themselves in the mirror and they are able to explore the different textures. The book is also durable and easy to clean, which is important for a baby's first book.

Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book

The Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book is one of the best storybooks for babies for several reasons. First, the book is an adorable numbers book that helps to teach counting skills. Second, Peter Rabbit is depicted in the book by means of a soft finger puppet. The puppet is cleverly sewn into the book, ensuring it can't get lost. Third, the book encourages active play, hand-eye coordination, and language development. As a result, the Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book is an excellent choice for any baby's library.

Whether you're looking for a book to help stimulate your baby's senses, teach them counting skills, or simply provide some entertainment, the five books on this list are sure to do the trick. So grab a book and snuggle up with your little one for some quality story time.

Photo by Izabelly Marques on Unsplash

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