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Will Yoga Help my Child Concentrate at School?

19 June 2023

You may think of yoga as a great way to stretch and strengthen muscles, and relax. But did you know that taking part in yoga can also help children to improve their concentration and focus when they’re at school? Read on to find out more.

Focus on mindfulness

Yoga is all about being present in the moment and aware of your body. For children who are prone to daydreaming, this practice of being ‘in the moment’ can be helpful. This is introduced gradually to children through fun games and activities, so they don’t even realise they’re learning mindfulness. Knowing how to clear their mind of other thoughts and worries is an invaluable skill. 

Focus on breathing

A key tenet of yoga is breathwork. Students learn to control and focus on their breath. Slow, steady breathing can help with calmness and managing emotions. When young people are in control of their emotions and feeling calm, they will find it easier to concentrate. 

Improves energy levels

Yoga can also help to increase energy levels. This is especially helpful if children have trouble concentrating because they feel tired during the day. Kids with more energy can focus better and get more out of their day. This is important at school but can also be beneficial in other areas of their life. Children with more energy tend to engage better in practical activities. Increased energy levels can also lead to improved moods and overall well-being.

Improves self control

Getting into the right position and holding it when learning new yoga poses is not easy. Children who learn to persevere and master the poses and stretches will see the benefits of their hard work and this will encourage them to focus more in other areas of their lives. Yoga helps children to focus on their breath and their bodies, and this can help to teach them how to be in control of themselves. This can be an extremely beneficial skill for children who have trouble paying attention.

Boosts confidence

The achievements involved in mastering yoga poses give children increased confidence. Feeling in control of their bodies and knowing they are strong and flexible can help them feel positive about themselves and this boost carries through to their school work. This can help children who might be shy or have low self-esteem to feel more comfortable with themselves and by extension, interacting with their peers. 

Yoga has many benefits for children, especially when it comes to improving their concentration at school. Why not get them to try some classes? You should see their focus at school improve with consistent practice. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

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