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Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga for Kids

19 June 2023

Many parents are exploring new ways to keep their kids physically healthy and socially engaged. Aside from the usual sports that kids enjoy, one of the activities that is rising in popularity is yoga. 

Parents who have taken the step to send their children to these classes have seen the tremendous benefits that their little ones have gained in a very short time. If you have just recently been introduced to this and are sceptical of what you’re seeing, then carry on reading as we discuss the most commonly asked questions by parents when it comes to yoga for their kids.

Why should kids take yoga classes?

Exercise is good for children, and they don’t always get enough of it unfortunately. Yoga is an excellent option to consider since it not only improves their physical health but their mental and social wellness as well. 

Yoga teaches them to relax, breathe properly, focus, and concentrate. It’s also important we remember that not all kids are the same. For children who do not have the competitive nature required to succeed in team sports, yoga is the perfect option. 

Yoga is also suitable for kids of all ages, and its difficulty will vary depending on their capabilities.

What are some of the benefits of yoga for kids?

Now, let’s get more specific and really see what makes yoga healthy for kids. 

When it comes to activities that improve your children’s focus and concentration, yoga belongs near the top of this list. The fact that a child has to hold a specific pose for a specific number of seconds requires extreme focus and concentration.

Physically, the balance and flexibility improvements kids get from yoga is unmatched. In fact, even professional athletes today are taking yoga classes in order to improve their balance, with a particular focus on their core strength. Nothing strengthens the core like yoga. 

Their muscles will also be toned, which makes daily life easy and means they can approach physical activities with confidence. Flexibility is also another big advantage for kids who take up yoga classes. We might think kids are always flexible, but that is not always the case. Many kids need to improve their flexibility, and yoga is very helpful in this aspect.

How long should young children hold a yoga pose? 

There is no golden rule when it comes to how long children should hold poses. This will depend on the capabilities of each child. Some are able to hold poses for longer times without much difficulty, while some can only hold out for a very few seconds. 

But to give you an idea, around 10-15 seconds would be a good time for a child to be able to hold a specific pose. This will vary depending on the difficulty of the poses, which gradually becomes more and more difficult as your child progresses.

Is yoga dangerous?

Whatever it may be, yoga does not pose any danger to your kids. It is a very calm sport and your kids will not be pushed beyond their comfort zone as this can risk muscle strains and injury.

Hopefully, this addresses some of the second thoughts you might have had about sending your kids to yoga classes. There is no shortage of scientific evidence backing up how great this activity is. Trust me when I say, yoga is objectively an excellent sport for your kids to consider!

Photo by Yan Krukau

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