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Does Yoga Improve my Child's Fitness?

19 June 2023

As parents, we know you want nothing more for your children than for them to be happy, healthy, and well. Today, there are so many steps parents can take to keep their children in tip-top shape - whether it be through diet, exercise, or a healthy lifestyle in general. 

One activity that has been popular among parents and kids lately is yoga. Its benefits have been well documented and are even backed up by scientific data. Not only is it good for your children’s health, but it’s also great fun! Read on, as we discuss the benefits of yoga for children. Will it really improve your child’s fitness?

What is Yoga?

Yoga uses different ‘asanas’ or body postures to improve a person’s breath control, flexibility, and overall physical fitness. It might not be very visible to a parent’s eye, but all these characteristics are badly needed by children in the modern world. 

For your little ones, the benefits of yoga do not only stay within the yoga class, but are carried over to school, home, and even when interacting with other kids.

Physical Benefits

One of the most important parts of the human body is the core. The core is involved in almost every action we take - even breathing! Since kids tend to play a lot and do a lot of physical activities, they need a strong core so that their other muscles or joints do not get injured. The issue arises when your core is weak and your muscles are forced to compensate. All this leads to a number of injuries that might not seem too bad at the moment, but can prove very troublesome as your kids get older.

We might be stating the obvious here, but yoga also improves flexibility and mobility in a child’s joints and muscles. Research has also shown yoga to promote the retention of calcium, which as we know greatly helps in building strong bones. 

Since most kids cannot fully understand how their body functions, therapists have found that children who have difficulties enjoying playground games and play dates are those who aren’t as physically healthy as their peers. Since they cannot keep up with other children physically, they don’t have the confidence to enjoy these activities. Yoga can help them out here by promoting good physical fitness, and giving these kids a much-needed boost to have fun in all facets of life!

Social Benefits

Children who take yoga classes are more likely to excel in class and in other fields. We know it seems hard to believe, but hear us out. For one, their attention span and concentration are greatly improved. During yoga classes, students need to focus and be attentive to their teacher at all times in order to progress. This teaches kids to listen, concentrate and follow precise instructions to do the exercise properly.

Another benefit of sending your kids to yoga classes is to improve their ability to build relationships and make them more socially aware. This comes about because many exercises in yoga are done together with a partner or within a group. 

Last but not least, children who do yoga are more equipped to handle stress and anxiety that they may encounter. Yoga involves several breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that are practised on a regular basis. Soon enough, these will be second nature to your kids.

Although it may ultimately depend on whether your child wants to do it, if you can send your child to a certified yoga class, we’re sure you won’t regret it. Parents from around the world are seeing countless benefits of yoga in the lives of their children. It might just be time for you to join the club!

Photo by Yan Krukau

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