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Top Outdoor Swimming Spots for Kids

28 December 2022

Swimming outdoors in great summer weather can be a lot of fun and a great way to cool off for all of the family. We have included some of the best outdoor swimming spots for kids below, taking into account price, swim safety and ease of getting changed. 

Saltdean Lido, Brighton

A fine example of a 1930s Lido, this outdoor swimming pool was restored to its former glory in 2018. The pool area has glorious art deco features and has been praised by English Heritage as being “one of the seven wonders of the English seaside”. The kids will love it and the large pool is an oval shape and measures 43m x 20m, which accommodates up to 500 bathers. Brighton is always a fun place to visit in its own right and there will be plenty of other activities to take part in before and after swimming.  

Lake Windermere, Lake District

The Lake District is the archetypal beautiful wild swimming location and Lake Windermere is the perfect location to do this, with the stunning mirror-smooth surface glinting in the sunshine. This can be a truly idyllic place and the lake is large enough that it is possible to find a quiet, safe spot to swim even at the most popular times of year. Lake Windermere’s enduring popularity as a swimming location for all of the family is a testament to the quality of the experience. This is a place of fun and of paddling, and of splashing and squeals from adults and children alike as cold water touches skin for the first time.

Stonehaven Open Air Pool

Whoever decided to site an open air pool just 15 miles South of Aberdeen on the Scottish coast at least had the foresight to make sure it was well-heated. The 50m open air pool is kept at a very pleasant 29C or 84F. This makes it possible to swim in the salt water pool for most of the year quite comfortably. There is also a paddling pool on site for younger children and a cafe on site. 

River Derwent, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Chatsworth House makes for a great family visit and because of its privileged location on the edge of the River Derwent, this is a very popular spot to go swimming. A picnic on the shore, a visit to Chatsworth House and a swim in the river on a sunny summer’s day sounds like a perfect family day out. The River Derwent is calm and meandering at this point and has no strong currents on this stretch, so it is a popular place to swim with the children. 

Jubilee Pool, Cornwall

This pool in Cornwall is another example of art deco style and is geothermically heated using an underground water source. The large triangular pool is sure to be a hit, as much for the unique look of the pool area as the facilities on offer. The pool is very large and can accommodate up to 600 bathers, so there is sure to be plenty of room to swim. 

Photo by Cor Dulce on Unsplash

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