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Is Trampolining Safe for Kids?

14 February 2023

We’ve all been privy to those horror stories about kids being hurt on trampolines, but don't be put off by these urban legends. They simply aren’t accurate when you take the proper precautions, and here’s why.

Safety Briefing

As with any sport, proper safety measures have to be taken. There is a briefing at the start of the session to ensure everybody understands the rules and how to avoid dangerous behaviour. You are also required to wear grippy socks which can be purchased for a small fee. 

Segregated Areas for Different Ages

Trampoline parks are often split up into different sections - such as a young kids section, a games section, a general jumping section, and an advanced section. The activity is very safe when your child is put into the section that suits their age and level. Putting them into the games section, or the general section can be a great idea and is very safe as it is often made up of smaller trampolines that are less bouncy. So if you’re worried about your child being surrounded by older trampolinists, then there is no need to panic - trampoline parks are segregated into sections for this very reason.

Supervised by Staff

Trampoline parks are also surrounded by park attendants that keep a close eye on your kids to make sure everything is going smoothly. If your child is struggling in a particular area, then these attendants will point it out and move your child to a more suitable area of the park that is safer for them. This is the key point to consider - that there is no one size fits all trampoline park. To be as safe as possible, choose a park that has a variety of different areas for all ability levels.

Fitness Benefits

Not only can trampolining be a safe activity, but it can be one that is beneficial for your children’s physical wellbeing. Research has shown trampolining to improve bone health, aid overall fitness, and be a low-impact exercise which is ideal for smaller kids and those with weaker muscles and bones. Take them trampolining for a great time, but also as an activity that will improve their general fitness.

Stick to Professional Trampolining Venues

It is important to note that trampolining is not all fun and games. Experts discourage the use of a trampoline at home, and if you do choose to install one at your house, then it should be placed at ground level to avoid your kids jumping too high. Supervision is key, as well as making sure safety nets are installed around the trampoline. However, even with precautions, experts recommend heading to your local trampoline park for a safer and more structured trampolining session.

To conclude, trampolining can be an enjoyable way for your kids to stay fit and healthy, as well as being safe when being conducted at a trampoline park with the proper precautions. However, it is important to ensure that when at home, strict safety measures are taken to make sure your kids remain as safe as possible. Be safe and happy jumping!

Image by Helga from Pixabay

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