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Indoor Trampolining: Rainy Day activities for Kids

12 February 2023

British weather can be a nightmare when trying to plan fun children’s activities. Waking up excited to go to the beach, or the theme park - only for it to be raining is a real pain for any child (and even more of a headache for their parents!).

Indoor trampolining is the perfect rainy day activity for your children as young as 6 years old. Not only is it suitable for the little ones, but it’s a great activity for your older kids to join in with and have a great time.

Activities at Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks have got a huge variety of activities for families and young kids to get themselves involved in. One of the main thrills at any indoor trampolining park tends to be dodgeball. This is not just any old game of dodgeball, but it’s dodgeball on trampolines! This is a blast for any kid, young or old - even adults can have a great time. Aside from this, your younger kids can get themselves involved in climbing activities where they scale walls while attached to a harness. If they fall, they have the trampoline as a landing spot on the way down.

Another popular indoor trampolining activity for younger kids is a foam pit. This is great fun for those aged 6+ as it gives them the freedom to try a selection of ambitious tricks. Foam pits are great for building children’s self-esteem as it gives them the chance to push their limits and have a great time while doing so. Even after you get back home, you won’t be able to get your kids to stop talking about trampolines and the cool tricks they’ve been doing!

Some trampolining parks even have obstacle courses which can be great fun for all ages. Your kids can pretend they’re the next member of the Avengers and have a brilliant time bouncing and leaping through obstacles.

Is It Safe?

The best part of indoor trampolining is how safe of an activity it can be. Even for kids as young as 6, there are special areas for them to jump, dive and tumble around with little fear of being hurt. This is due to the trampolines being less bouncy in these areas, leading to a smaller chance of kids being able to jump higher.

Not only is trampolining fun, but it can be a brilliant way to get your kids into sport. With trampolining being a big part of the Olympics, your kids might get inspired to take it up themselves as a hobby. It can improve their physical fitness significantly, and who knows? Maybe one day they can be Olympians!

Next time there’s a rainy day, and you’re sitting there looking outside at the grim weather - there’s no need to despair. Get your socks on and head over to your local trampolining park with the kids. You’ll all have a great time!

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

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