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5 Reasons to Take your Kids to the Trampoline Park

12 February 2023

Sitting at home, bored, with the kids? Why not take them trampolining? Check out these five reasons to take your kids to the trampoline park this weekend.

It’s fun

The first, and most important reason for doing any activity with your kids is the fun component. Kids love to have fun, and taking them to a trampoline park is a great way for them to release those endorphins. Which kid doesn’t like jumping on their bed? Now imagine that same kid jumping on a huge stretch of trampolines for hours on end. It sounds like a great time, and it’s often the case that kids love trampolining the first time they try it.

It’s exercise

Not only is it great fun, but the physical benefits of using trampolines are vast. It may seem like a childish exercise that doesn’t offer many health advantages, but this is far from the truth. Trampolining is one of the few exercises where you work your entire body - your core, back, leg, arm and neck muscles are all involved in keeping you upright and steady. Younger kids can improve their balance and coordination, while older kids can fine-tune their motor skills to transfer them to other sports. Trampolining is also a low impact exercise, as you are putting minimal stress on your joints and bones. This makes it ideal for worried parents who want to reduce the chance of their children getting injured. It’s even known to have a positive effect on overall bone health.

It’s fun for all ages

Trampolining is not just for one type of child. Some of us parents can struggle to find a suitable activity when we have kids of different ages, but taking your kids to a trampoline park solves this problem. Trampoline parks often have a small kids' area, a general area, and a more advanced section for older kids to practice complicated tricks. This makes it an ideal activity for larger families with kids of all different ages. Let the older kids wander off and do their tricks while you keep an eye on the younger ones. You can be sure that they’ll all be buzzing when they’re off the mats.

It builds confidence

Whatever age your kids are, building their self-esteem is an important part of maturing properly. Trampolining is a great way for your kids to show off their new skills, and show their parents what they can now do. It’s not uncommon to see kids showing their parents how high they can jump, or another cool trick they’ve learnt. The progress that these kids make during the trampolining session will give them the confidence that they can do so much more in the outside world.

It’s sociable

Socialising is another amazing benefit of trampolining. Due to the number of events available in trampoline parks, there are always large numbers of kids running around enjoying themselves. The nature of trampoline parks means that there are always interactive events going on, such as trampoline dodgeball tournaments, or jumping competitions. Taking part in these events will introduce your child to a number of other children (and potential friends!). It’s a great way to build a connection with other kids through play.

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