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Top 5 Snowboarding Camps For Kids

19 August 2023

If your kids are into snowboarding, they’ll love the chance to practise the sport while making new friends. Below we’ve covered the top 5 snowboarding camps in the UK and Europe for kids.

Les Elfes

Opened in 1987 and based in Switzerland, Les Elfes Camps have grown into the number 1 choice for snowboarding campers in Europe. They host more than 5000 campers per year from 65 nations across the world, and have a rock-solid reputation in the snowboarding world. 

Their winter camps are particularly well-renowned and offer 1-4 week camps for kids aged 6-17 yrs old. Regardless of how old your kids are, they’re all welcome in Les Elfes! On site, all snowboarding equipment can be hired which saves you the time, effort and money packing all your kids’ snowboarding gear for the trip. 

Not only are their days filled with all things skiing and snowboarding, there are also a number of after-dinner activities in the evening, which include:

  • Movie nights 
  • Ice skating 
  • Discos
  • Casino nights
  • Torch light walks

There’s just so much to do!

European Ski School 

There is likely no better place for your littles ones to practise their snowboarding than at Les Deux Alpes, which has the largest skiable glacier in France and houses Europe's best summer freestyle park. The team at this ski school has over 20 years of experience in providing snowboard lessons, and offers fully certified English speaking instructors. You simply can’t think of a more scenic location for a snowboarding camp!

Kids can develop skills such as:

  • Piste performance 
  • Boxes/rails 
  • Carving tricks 
  • Switch riding 
  • Flatland freestyle 

This camp is designed for kids wanting to push on with their snowboarding learning. The quality of coaches is extremely high and they’ll look to challenge students - while making sure they are kept safely inside their skill range at all times. 

Chill Factore

Want real snow for your kids' snowboarding camp but don't want to leave the country? Well apparently it snows every night at Chill Factore! Every night for 4 hours, 14 snow cannons create real snow over the indoor slopes making it a chilly -1 celsius over the course of the day. 

Located in Manchester, a couple of miles from The Trafford Centre, Chill Factore snow park offers kids’ snowboarding lessons, as well as a number of other snow activities for the whole family. Don’t worry about bringing your own equipment, this snow camp offers rental for all snow equipment - but make sure you bring winter gear as it can get pretty cold! When your kids get to Chill Factore, they’ll be placed into one of three camp groups (green, blue or red) based on previous experience levels and age range. 7-11 yr olds work in groups of 4 while 11-16 year olds work in groups of 5. This ensures your kids get all the attention they need and won't be left behind by more experienced riders in the group.

Camp Suisse

If your kids are looking for a big snowboarding adventure, Camp Suisse hosts 5-7 day skiing and snowboarding camps hosted in the glorious Swiss Alps. This camp offers the adventure of a lifetime, with your kids having a great time on an all-inclusive package which includes, airport shuttle buses, lodging, all hot meals, snacks and all-week professional snowboarding coaching.


Not all snowboarding has to be done outside! Snozone is Europe's premier indoor snowsports venue. They were voted Best Sporting Event in 2022 by The School Travel Awards and have 4 locations: Milton Keynes, Yorkshire, Basingstoke and Madrid. 

Snozone have camps available to beginners and experienced snowboarders aged between 7-15 yrs old during school holidays. Not only will they be brushing up on their snowboarding skills, but Snozone also provides camp members with a first aid course for children called Mini Medics! It’s a great way for your kids to get a well-rounded holiday experience.

A typical camp day would consist of a morning of expert coaching to work on new and current snowboarding skills. This would be followed by lunch, and then back onto the slopes where they would take part in fitness drills, sledging or even practising their new first aid skills!

Photo by Evgenia Kirpichnikova

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