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Best Snowboard Nights For Kids In The UK

19 August 2023

Are your kids looking to brush up on their snowboarding skills, looking to try snowboarding for the first time or maybe you're just wanting to plan a fun evening for your family? Let’s talk through some of the best snowboarding nights held across the UK that your kids will love!


Tamlands Freestyle Night is every young snowboarder's dream playground. Held every Tuesday night from 7pm-9pm at the SnowDome in Tamworth, Tamlands Freestyle Nights gives kids the chance to try snowboarding for just £32 per child (on real snow!). They have coaches out on the slopes offering free coaching to any kids looking for some extra tips or wanting to learn new tricks. 

On the last Tuesday of every month, the course is rearranged for more advanced and experienced riders, so make sure to take that into account when preparing a visit to the SnowDome Tamworth. 

The Snow Centre

This indoor centre is the closest indoor skiing and snowboarding centre to London, based in Hertfordshire. The Snow Center has a 160 metre long and 30 metre wide slope, so you can be sure that it’ll never feel cramped on the slopes - no matter how busy it gets! The Freestyle Park and Slide Night is held every Thursday evening from 6pm-10pm, and costs only £35 per child. The great thing about The Snow Centre is that all equipment is included in the price - so there’s no need to pack the car full of snowboards!

This location also has a great bar and restaurant so parents can relax and have some food while their kids tire themselves out on Thursday nights.

Snowtrax Alpine Activity Centre 

After a long week at school, experienced snowboarders can spend their Friday nights at Snowtrax Alpine Activity Center in Dorset, attending their freestyle night from 7pm - 10pm. 

This event would suit kids who are more experienced snowboarders and already own their own equipment, such as snowboards and boots, as no equipment is provided (only helmets). Bookings can be made online and at only £14.50 for riders under 16 yrs old - this is a bargain! Snowtrax is a great choice for some Friday night entertainment to keep your older kids busy. 

Chill Factore

If your young snowboarder is looking to try out some new tricks, then Chill Factore is the place to go. Based in Manchester only a few miles away from the Trafford Centre, Chill Factore has a completely new layout (adding rails, kickers, boxes, table tops and pips) on its slopes every Thursday and Friday nights until 10pm. Make sure to pack on the layers as this place is -2 celsius on the slopes all year round. 

In order to take part in this event, your kids will need to meet some minimum snowboarding standards. They need to show that they can stop on their board safely, be able to control their speed and direction, can control turns and use a drag lift. All equipment is provided for them at this event. 

These events are great for kids looking to get out of the house to try something new - or even for experienced riders to gain some more experience on new courses around the UK. 

Photo by Zszen John

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