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Top 5 Indoor Ski Slopes in the UK

23 November 2022

Skiing is a very popular sporting hobby in the UK with an estimated 1.5 million people skiing every year. Because of the unreliability in weather, there are a number of indoor ski slopes, aimed at allowing people to enjoy skiing without having to wait for the perfect weather conditions. There are different types of artificial ski slopes: dry ski slopes, which can be a little unforgiving if you fall due to the material they are made from, and indoor snow domes where visitors can ski on real snow which has been created inside the centre using snow canons.   

We give a rundown of the top five indoor ski slopes in the UK below. 

Chill Factore, Manchester

This indoor snow dome based in Manchester has an excellent reputation as somewhere family-friendly to learn and improve your skiing skills. There are affordable lessons from £49 and a wide variety of activities on-site with affordable family passes. The slope is first class and the British ski team has used it to practice on. They also have interesting events and taster sessions for how to do various different events like slalom and moguls.

Snow Factor, Braehead, Glasgow

This Scottish indoor ski slope near Glasgow gives the chance to ski on real snow, thanks to the giant snow canons that create the cold, white stuff for the visitors. The 200m main slope has around 1,700 tonnes of fresh snow for the enjoyment of all concerned. This is a very family friendly venue with lessons and fun activities for all the family. There is also a dedicated beginners section which should ease some of the worries around allowing your children to take part on a crowded slope.    

SnowDome, Tamworth

This winter wonderland in Tamworth is a brilliant place for new skiers to learn. They have two Snow Academy slopes and run one day courses to teach you the basics of skiing. All equipment is provided and families are welcome. More experienced skiers are welcome to head straight to the 170m slope to start their downhill adventures. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there is also tubing and tobogganing. 

The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

As the closest real snow skiing centre to London, The Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead is a very popular destination for dwellers of the capital with an interest in skiing. All equipment is included with the cost of each session and families are welcome. The 160m long, 30m wide main slope is one of the largest indoor slopes in the UK and there are many activities on offer including family ski and snowboarding lessons.  

Snozone, Milton Keynes

The offering from Snozone in Milton Keynes is an excellent one, they take safety very seriously and all beginners must complete preliminary lessons before being allowed loose on their slopes. They have a fully qualified team of experts who are well-versed in teaching people with a range of disabilities how to learn to ski or snowboard. In terms of widening access to the slopes, SnoZone goes the extra mile. Tubing and sledging is also available for families and kids who just want to have fun.  

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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