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Top 5 Benefits for Children Who Play Rugby

15 July 2023

You want what's best for your child if you're a parent. You want them to be active, make friends, and learn lessons that will stay with them for life. Rugby ticks all of those boxes and more. Here are the top 5 benefits children stand to gain from playing rugby.


Rugby is a demanding sport. It requires a level of physicality and mental toughness that not all sports demand. And that's a good thing. Playing rugby allows kids to learn how to bounce back from setbacks and keep going even when feeling down. That's a valuable lesson that will serve them well on and off the rugby field. Being resilient will help them in all aspects of their life, and children can learn it at a young age through playing rugby.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Rugby is a team sport through and through. From the scrum to the line-out, every aspect of the game requires players to work together to succeed. And that spirit of teamwork doesn't end when the game does. Many lifelong friendships have been forged on rugby fields around the world. Regarding sportsmanship, rugby is also a sport that promotes fair play. The game's emphasis on respect for opponents and officials is something that can be instilled in young players, and it's something that will stay with them long after they hang up their rugby boots.

Coordination and Motor Skills

Rugby is a fast-paced sport that requires split-second decision-making. That means kids who play rugby need to have good hand-eye coordination and excellent motor skills to succeed. Fortunately, those are precisely the kinds of skills that kids develop when they play rugby. So not only will your child be having fun, but they'll also be developing necessary physical skills that will benefit them in other areas of their life.


A big part of rugby is the discipline it takes to play the game. From following the rules to staying focused during training, discipline is key to any successful rugby team. And that sense of discipline can rub off on the players, helping them to exercise more self-control in other areas of their life. Whether doing homework or eating healthily, the discipline learned from playing rugby can help kids in all areas of their life.


Let's not forget the most important benefit: rugby is just fun! From the try-scoring heroics to the big hits, there's something for everyone to enjoy in rugby. And that's why kids who play rugby often fall in love with the sport and continue playing it into adulthood. It’s a sport that the whole family can enjoy, and children will make lasting memories on and off the rugby field.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons why parents should encourage their children to play rugby. If you're looking for a sport that will teach your child important life lessons, why not give it a try?

Photo by CFPhotosin Photography on Unsplash

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