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5 Essential Rugby Kit Items for Kids

11 July 2023

If your child is interested in playing rugby, you may be wondering what equipment they will need. Their shorts and shirt will probably be provided by their club or school, but there are some other essentials you’ll need to kit them out with.

A Mouthguard

A mouthguard is an essential piece of safety equipment for any contact sport. A good mouthguard will protect your child's teeth and gums from impact. It’s important that the one you choose is comfortable and easy to breathe through. A mouthguard that is too loose will fall out, and a mouthguard that is too tight will make breathing difficult. To start with, you may want to get a cheaper mouthguard you can mould at home, but if your child gets serious about rugby, a custom mouthguard would be a good investment. 

Rugby Boots 

Rugby boots are different from other types of sports shoes. They have a reinforced toe area and studs on the bottom to provide traction on the grass. Your child will need a pair of rugby boots that fit well and are comfortable to run in. Rugby is played on a grass field, so cleats or studs are essential for traction. Look for cleats that have removable studs so your child can use them on different types of fields.

Protective Gear 

Being a contact sport, there are various types of protective equipment available to try to reduce the risk of injuries in rugby players. This includes items like shin guards, elbow pads, and headgear. Your child's coach will likely have a list of recommended protective gear. While some of this equipment can be provided by the team, you may wish to buy your own to ensure it fits your child properly. 

A Rugby Kit Bag 

Your child will need something to carry all their clothing and equipment in. Look for a bag with separate compartments for each item and enough space to add extra items as their collection grows. It's worth investing in a good quality bag as it is something they will need to use around a lot. Look for one that’s comfortable to carry and easy to keep clean, as it’s likely to get muddy.

A Water Bottle 

Rugby players need a water bottle to stay hydrated during practices and games. Look for a water bottle that is easy to carry and won't leak when bouncing around on the field. BPA-free water bottles are a good choice for health-conscious parents. Consider getting one that is insulated, so your child can enjoy a cool, refreshing drink. 

If your child is interested in playing rugby, they will need a few essential items. These include a rugby bag, boots, protective gear, and a water bottle. It’s best to check with your child’s school or team to make sure you get exactly what they need.

Photo by Philippa Rose-Tite on Unsplash

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