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Why is Ice Skating Great for the whole Family?

11 September 2023

As fun as it sounds for kids alone, ice skating is a great leisure time activity for the whole family. It has recently become one of the most popular things to check off from a to-do list as a family, as it provides a wonderful bonding experience as well as a super fun time overall.

You can have a great laugh and enjoy zipping around on the ice for hours on end. Still don’t believe me? Here are a few reasons why ice skating is great for the whole family.

It is safe for all ages

No matter what age you are, you’re safe to go onto the ice! From little kids aged 5 and above, all the way to the elderly, no one has to be left out when you go skating. When a sport is very inclusive to all ages, it brings more people together and establishes connections between family members who may not often talk to each other. For family members that aren’t comfortable, they can use ice skating aids to keep their balance - or even stand by the side and skate close to the rails so they can hold on. Ice skating is great because it adheres to all skill levels - no one is left out!

It can improve your fitness

It may not be obvious, but ice skating is a great way to keep the family engaged and active, while still having fun. Health is wealth, as they say, and ice skating will definitely help your fitness. You’ll need to engage your core to keep balance on the ice, and also engage your legs in order to whizz through. That gives everyone in the family a full body workout - without even realising it!

Helps build rapport with family

The second you get onto the ice, I promise you even the quietest member of your family will be screaming, shouting and laughing their heads off with everyone else. Taking part in an activity is an amazing way to break the ice - no pun intended. The ice gives everyone positive vibes and you’ll feel your relationship with your family growing stronger every time you go skating. Giving constant encouragement and tips to each other will result in everyone getting a lot closer and can further solidify a family's connection. 

Solidifies trust in one another

Falling is very common in ice skating and nothing serious to worry about, but if parents can guide their children in learning how to balance themselves while skating, it can build their trust in one another. Trust will always be the main factor in creating a family relationship; it is the foundation of all things and the root cause of all problems. If a parent can establish trust even in this sport, children will realise that a parent can act as a companion to them and guide them through life.

To conclude: ice skating is not only for leisure or the enjoyment it brings. Most of the time, it also brings everyone closer to each other and helps create trust between families. It’s a lovely way for everyone to bond and have a great time together.

Photo by cottonbro studio

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