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Top 5 Ice Skating Camps for Kids

10 September 2023

For the ice skating aficionados out there, ice skating is more than just a sport. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your friends and family, become physically fit, and have a great time overall.

But finding the right skating spot can sometimes be tricky, especially since ice skating isn’t the most common of activities for people to try out. It may not be as prominent as a sport like football, and can also be expensive.

Finding the best camp for ice skating is difficult as there are quite a few options available. You’ll want a camp with a unique programme, with the best teachers, and where your children can have the best time. No need to worry - let’s go through the top 5 ice skating camps for kids!

National Ice Centre

Who says you need to go to France, Italy or Switzerland to enjoy a quality ice skating camp? If you look a little bit closer to home, you’ll realise that a number of ice skating camps are only a drive away!

The National Ice Centre in Nottingham offers a number of ice skating lessons for all skill levels. They even have their iconic intensive skating courses for people of all ages - where they teach you a typically six-week skating course in only 3 days! If your kids have always wanted to learn ice skating but have never had the time for it, head to the National Ice Centre where your kids will go from not being able to balance on their skates, to whizzing around on the ice in no time.

Queen’s London

As Central London’s only all-year-round ice rink, Queen’s stands out with the variety of courses and lessons they offer for all levels of skaters. If your child is a complete beginner, they can enrol themselves on the beginner course where they’ll learn the fundamentals. If they already have a Skate UK Passport and are advanced skaters, then they can take more serious courses where they’ll learn jumps and spins.

The best part is - Queen’s offers a Summer Skate Camp! If your child is missing the cold during the summer months (as unlikely as that may seem!), then head over to Queen’s where you can have a great time.

Alexandra Palace

For even the youngest of children aged 5 and above, Alexandra Palace offers fast track lessons and term time lessons. This might be shocking - but they even have their Ice Tots drop in for toddlers aged 2.5 years and above! During these lessons, your kids will be taught by experienced coaches who encourage your young skaters to have a great time in their own little area of the rink. It’s a truly valuable experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Planet Ice

With a range of locations around England, Planet Ice offer 3 and 5 day skating camps for children aged 5 and over. Kids will learn the basic skills involved in moving around on the ice and have opportunities to grow their confidence, before moving on to more challenging techniques and footwork. This is a great opportunity to get a head start and improve skating ability.

Spring Easter Gathering ISA Prague

Now finally moving away from the UK - a 3-week, one-of-a-kind skating experience for your kids is offered in the beautiful city of Prague. With ISA's extensive experience organising skating camps for children, ISA Prague Skating Camp is filled with several unique programmes developed independently and under international standards. 

For kids aged 6-18 that are looking for a quality international programme to take their skating to the next level, ISA Prague is an excellent option to consider.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

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