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5 Football Drills to do with my Kids in the Park

5 July 2023

Many kids are football mad, and if yours are, you may be wondering how you can help them improve their skills, outside of training sessions. You don’t need much equipment - just a set of small training cones and a football. Don't forget to warm up and stretch before and afterwards. Here are five football drills you can do with your kids in the park.

Figure of eight

The figure of eight football drill is a great way to improve your child's ball control and dribbling skills. This drill requires the player to dribble the ball around two cones in a figure of eight pattern. The player must maintain control of the ball while weaving in and out of the cones. You can make this drill more challenging by increasing the speed at which the player moves or placing the cones closer together. By practising this regularly, your child will develop better ball control and will be able to make quicker decisions when dribbling around opponents.


The zig-zag drill practises dribbling the ball using the inside, outside and bottom of the foot. Set up cones several metres apart in a zig-zag pattern. Then get your child to dribble the ball around the outside of the cones, keeping it under control at all times. You can also get them to move the ball using only the sole of their foot. Doing this drill regularly will help your child to improve their agility and balance, which will stand them in good stead on the football pitch.

Passing around the cones

Passing around the cones helps to improve ball control and accuracy. Set up a rectangle of cones and pass the ball to each other, first outside of the cones and then diagonally across the centre of the rectangle. Try to use two touches each time, so take control of the ball before returning it. 

Target practice

Target practice is one of the most important football drills you can do with your kids. By kicking the ball at a specific target, such as a cone or a small post, your child will learn to control the direction and power of their kicks. This is an important skill for any footballer, as it will help them to score goals and create chances for their teammates. If you’re using a goal, you can also practise goalkeeping skills.

1 v 1

1 v 1 football drills are a great way to improve your child's ball control and dribbling skills. It’s a realistic scenario, as football players often find themselves marking or marked by a single player during a game. You can take turns at being the attacker and the defender. This drill can be done with just two people, making it ideal for busy families or kids who don't have many friends to play with. 

Football is a great way to keep your kids entertained and active. By doing drills with them in the park, you can help them to develop their skills and coordination. It's also a free, fun, and easy way to get some exercise.

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